A study group will take up the task to improve our Open Source projects within their “Software Evolution” course part of their Master’s program in “Software Engineering” at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their work will affect scandio/lmvcscandio/lmvc-modulesscandio/lmvc-patat und scandio/troba but will mostly bring impact and improve scandio/lmvc-patat und scandio/lmvc-modules’ features and documentation. The students’ “Software Evolution” course is designed with a focus towards a practical application of Agile Methodologies, Quality Attributes and contribution to Open Source.

Important improvements include:

  • Integration of well known template engines in addition to view partials
  • Development of a i18n module to localize the UI
  • A PSR-3 compliant logging module for lmvc and troba
  • Realization of a generic REST-Controller for Backbone.js
  • Implementation of a standalone E-Mail module for e.g. registration validation
  • Extraction of an autonomous validator module based on the forms module
  • General optimizations for the Asset Pipeline

More information and all the projects’ forks can be found within their GitHub organization. We at Scandio are exited about the remote collaboration and are willing to assist the study group whenever needed.