Are you looking for a lean and powerful Service Desk? Do you want to have an easy to use UI? Do you seek for an advance tool which can deal with changing situations?
Alright, then JIRA Service Desk is exactly the right tool for you! With JIRA Service Desk Atlassian is providing an excellent tool covering all these requirements and more.


Intuitive Interface
JIRA Service Desk helps non-technicians to easily ask the IT-Team for support. Customers do not longer have to know technical terms in order to send a request. In JIRA Service Desk a request will automatically be transformed to an issue. While creating a request the customer only gets two input fields to see: What the customer needs and for what purpose? Another helpful feature is the listing of relevant articles based on keywords. This works with a connection to Confluence. Using Confluence knowledge base turns JIRA Service Desk to a self-service Desk. That’s pretty fancy when customers find the answers by themselves - don’t you think so? This will reduce the workload for your Service Desk Team.

Customized Team Queues
JIRA Service Desk puts the open issues to the right team, so called Team Queues. The ressources in your team will be perfectly used by an automatic assignement of customer requests to the right agent. JIRA Service Desk helps you to create specialized teams for any specific problem. That’s how you can achieve a quick and efficient processing through incoming requests. It’s incredibly easy to filter requests with JQL (JIRA Query Language) for your individual needs.

Powerful SLA
All issues will be sorted by the remaining time to resolution. A key feature is the possibility to precisely track the status of an issue. The remaining time can be paused according to the availability of Service Desk members. Moreover colored markings show the priority of requests related to remaining time to resoluiton. You can configure SLA rules for any occuring requirements. By using JQL you can even achieve a higher granularity for your SLA rules.

Real-time reporting
Progress and performance of your support team can be shown with descriptive statistics at any time. JIRA Service Desk provides maximal visibility for your support team and their work. Depending on which criteria you’d like to filter the reports they can be refined with JQL as well. Another plus from JIRA Service Desk: reports are made out of existing data. The main advantage hereby is that even a later installation of JIRA Service Desk enables reporting from former projects.


JIRA Service Desk is a perfect tool to process support requests. The lean and intuitive User Interface makes it easy to work with this tool. Your support team’s work will be faciliated by the automatic selection and priorisation of issues. Your team can concentrate on relevant requests and deliver good results fast. The adaptability of JIRA Service Desk is worth to be highlighted as well. No matter if you’d like to assign incoming requests to Team Queues or define new SLA rules or just have meaningful reports. JQL enables you to create an individual Service Desk which meets your needs and workflows.