Today I read the article “Working at the perfect destination - 7 hints“ on - Innovative? Absolutely!

At Scandio this concept is already reality: While writing this article I’m chatting with a colleague in Barcelona. He’s working there for four weeks in a co-working space (, still as a permanent employee.

Why? Because he wanted to and he’s doing the same great job like in Munich, subject to trust-based working time. Of course, communication has to be trained. When everybody is at one location this is really easy, but with modern tools like HipChat and Confluence which we - as Atlassian platinum expert - use day in, day out it is possible to work together from various locations and feel like a strong team. Nevertheless there are some tasks which are a little bit more difficult to manage in this way, e. g. the scheduling of customer meetings. But does this problem actually has to occur? Not at Scandio. The method how and where we work is going to change strongly in the following years. This is just the beginning.

By the way: Currently we are looking for additional staff in the technical department and for consultancy. Here you can find our job offers.