Docker MemberCurrently everybody is talking about “Docker” and how incredibly glorious this open source software - with which you can manage applications in autarchical containers - is.

But is Docker really that useful?

Our answer: Yes, it is. On the one hand you can use Docker for local application development and testing in the target environment. Furthermore it can be helpful for a expedited team collaboration because members of a development team are able to work together on the same code- and infrastructure-base by using Docker. The test system is exactly complying with the live system and therefore the risk of unforeseen errors at a go-live gets reduced. This is the reason why Docker is also supporting the setup of functional continuous integration and continuous delivery processes. Docker simplifies the transition between development, quality assurance and production environments.

In sum the vision behind Docker is to develop and operate applications efficiently, with higher quality and hardware independent. Scandio is also pursuing this vision and already dealt with the topic Docker for a longer period of time. A lot of our customers rely on the know how of our consultants and DevOps engineers. This is why it was a logical step for Scandio and now we can designate our company as official Docker partner.

Here you can see some companies which Scandio supports in the field of containerisation:


If you are also interested in Docker, you are very welcome to check out our public image for Atlassian Confluence on the Docker hub: