With the launch of the for quite some time planned 7th version of Atlassian JIRA the software has been split into three standalone products, namely JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk and JIRA Core.

Based on the motto “Your team, your JIRA” there are now three individual, purpose-built applications for software, IT and business teams.

Those three novelties are detailed in the following:

JIRA Software - The best of JIRA & JIRA Agile

This specifically for software teams designed product offers all the features which are necessary for a trouble-free procedure: best-in-class agile tooling, deep developer tool integrations, flexible workflows and effective digital boards.

The new project templates for Kanban and Scrum projects deliver best practices which bring along a significant work simplification through predefined workflows and boards.

In turn JIRA Agile as a separate plugin certainly no longer exists.

JIRA Service Desk - The best of JIRA (without the development-specific features) & JIRA Service Desk

The purpose built solution for support teams functions as an autonomous customer support system. With this product the team members are able to work with queues and service level agreements and they can create and manage help desk projects. 

In this way the team can be fully productive and responsive to the business.

JIRA Core - The classic JIRA in simple

This modified version of the classic JIRA with a simplified language is also comprehensible for non-development teams. They can apply it to harmonize their collaboration. 

With this new section in the trio JIRA wants to make a conquest of nontechnical fields such as human resources and marketing departments; in fact by providing project templates for task, project and process management.

It is therefore a pure business tool, but you can also find it in JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk.

All three products are running on the same JIRA platform. And because of the fact that they have a unified interface all software, IT and business projects can be performed in the same JIRA instance.

With those different products every team can bring out its best. Furthermore the improved sidebar enables a faster access to running projects.

Do you have any questions about the new JIRA products? Our ambitious Atlassian experts team is always pleased to help you. Just contact us via email or telephone.