We are really happy to announce a new partnership between Tempo and Scandio.

Tempo started as an internal time tracking and reporting tool, which offered a seamless integration with JIRA. It changed the way the company worked. The team quickly realised this technology could help every business gain visibility over organisational initiatives for better decision making. Today, Tempo is a team of over 70 peers with offices in Reykjavík, Iceland and Montréal, Canada. They offer four products that extend JIRA to help software, IT, professional services, and core business teams drive innovation and growth through better project and portfolio management capabilities.

We are glad to publish a guest post by Tempo on our blog.

It explains how Tempo extends JIRA for software development, IT services, and core business teams. But read about it for yourself:

For years, Atlassian and Tempo have helped software teams deliver value to their customers. With their JIRA 7 release, Atlassian has doubled down, expanding the evolution of JIRA development, customising their solution to suit the project needs of various teams organization­wide through three purpose­built solutions: JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and JIRA Core.

At Tempo, we, and many of our customers, have realised the value of extending Tempo and JIRA solutions throughout our company to help manage our software and project teams seamlessly in one central platform, increase our efficiency, productivity, and communication, streamline organisational data, and roll up information on a high­level for better planning, forecasting, and decision­making. Development, professional services, IT, and core business teams from numerous industries already extend Tempo’s solutions to better manage their work efforts and get results.

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Here’s how the new JIRA and Tempo’s solutions can benefit your project teams:

  • Tempo Planner for flexible resource management on the team, project and program levels
  • Tempo Folio for accurate planning, managing and forecasting budget costs and revenue
  • Tempo Timesheets for painless time tracking and reporting seamlessly in JIRA (also with a mobile version available for free for iOS and Android)
  • Tempo Books extends Tempo Timesheets for budgeting, team utilisation reporting, and billing workflow management


Optimise your agile release management with better planning software tools

JIRA Software offers the same flexibility, extensibility, and deep developer tool integrations that JIRA users have enjoyed over the last several years. Now, with the integration of JIRA Agile as one solution, software teams can enjoy functionality for agile planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting delivered in one purpose­built experience.

Tempo Planner extends the benefits of JIRA Software with visual resource management and planning on the program, project, release, or team level, enabling teams to drill down to JIRA issues and focus on the story and tasks at hand with timeline views. Product managers can better prioritise their backlogs, feature roadmaps, and epics; scrum masters can manage their sprints, releases, and the stories within them, and team members can more easily visualise what they and their teams are working on for better collaboration. Team and program capacity reports help managers ensure that teams are properly staffed to better execute these plans.


JIRA + Tempo = Better Together:

  • Manage project teams centrally and all team efforts
  • Visualise long­term roadmaps and epics
  • Manage releases, sprints, stories, and tasks
  • Allocate team, project, and program resources
  • Track time spent on all organisational activities
  • Budget, measure, and forecast costs and revenue
  • Generate high­level and granular reports
  • Manage customer account budgets, project team utilisation, and billing workflow

Developed by the creator of GreenHopper (now JIRA Agile), Tempo Folio is built for the agile environment, helping teams to plan, manage, and forecast their project performance— including time, team efforts, and financials—in real­time and roll­up data on the project and portfolio level for better decision­making. Set rates for team members and measure project costs as they log work once the project gets underway. Get complete overviews of your cross­project and portfolio data seamlessly in JIRA, know exactly how your business is spending its resources, identify risks before they escalate, and immediately mitigate them. Then, know immediately whether changes have made an impact.


Thousands of teams have benefitted from tracking their time on work efforts with Tempo Timesheets, whether they’re logging work for customer billing, internal payroll purposes, more accurately measuring of CAPEX and OPEX, or for better planning and forecasting. With its seamless integration with JIRA Software, teams can easily log work directly in JIRA issue views, use a real­time tracker, or use the new work log calendar view.

Our new mobile app lets team members plan and track their work on the go, anytime, anyplace — including from their Google calendar events — and sync up tracker data with JIRA work logs. Teams and team leads can better keep track of estimated versus actual work efforts to gain insights on how time is actually being spent. This helps prevent overload and enables better planning and forecasting.

Are you building awesome custom solutions for your clients? Tempo Books extends Tempo Timesheets to give professional services teams better budgeting, team utilisation and billing workflow management directly seamlessly within JIRA. Account and project managers can manage customer accounts and budgets with real­time reports, knowing which projects are delivering the most value to their customers and their business. Thousands of world­class software teams are building amazing products with JIRA Software and Tempo.


Gain enhanced project management for your IT and service teams

IT service teams and help desks spend the majority of their time helping others, solving problems, and resolving incidents. JIRA Service Desk helps these teams manage and prioritize their projects, tasks, and requests, and sync up their efforts with SLAs.

For years, service and help desk teams have benefitted from JIRA and Tempo for better project management, workflow, task, procurement, and asset management, increased efficiency and transparency. These tools provide an organized way of triaging different priority levels of service requests—whether that’s an airline that manages the service of their aircraft fleet and that of third­party carriers, or a technology company that manages assets, repairs, and needs to track their time spent helping customers.

With Tempo Folio, project managers and PMO can allocate project and team resources, including time, team members, and costs, on a per­project or customer account basis, measuring actual costs spent on service requests. Executives gain high­level overviews in real­time of how organisational resources are being spent, and where there’s room for improvement.

Team members and managers gain a better understanding of how much time they or their teams spend on particular service requests with Tempo Timesheets. With Tempo Accounts, they can measure the billable time that can be invoiced to customers if they’re contracting on a per­customer basis, and designate additional categories of business activities that need to be measured for accounting, payroll, and budget management.


If you’re a service team that’s contracting with clients, Tempo Books gives you better overviews of how your team is utilizing its time, helping you manage your budget burn­downs and billing workflows, and invoice your customers with accurate time and expense reports.


Helping project teams get things done

Every great team is unique. Projects can unite teams and rally everyone around a common goal. JIRA Core aims to help all project teams collaborate and do their best work together.

Businesses have an incentive to streamline the project tools used across their teams for many reasons—to prevent data silos, to encourage cross­team collaboration and information­sharing, and to gain better overviews of their project and organisational resources and activities and report on them for better decision making.

If your teams are using JIRA to manage software releases, you can easily extend it to core business teams and create an end­to­end product that suits your organization’s needs. Creative teams can better manage their marketing campaigns. Sales teams can manage their efforts aimed at reducing customer churn. HR can triage new hires and employee onboarding efforts. Legal teams can manage contract edits and license reviews. Operational teams can manage invoices, purchasing and procurement requests, and other activities with the integrated solution of Tempo on top of JIRA Core.

With Tempo and JIRA Core, you can plan, budget, track, and report on all tasks work within a project, and maintain streamlined processes and workflows to finish projects on time and deliver results.

Visualise plans and manage the status of your work with Tempo Planner’s new team board, which helps project teams efficiently keep track of their efforts. If priorities change, you can easily adjust your cards by simple drag­and­drop functionality. Tempo Planner’s team timeline helps project teams accurately visualise priorities and focus on the tasks at hand.

Based on concepts adopted by the Project Management Institute (PMI), Tempo Folio helps project managers solve the project management constraint triangle, keeping track of project scope, schedule, and costs in real­time. Detailed reports provide project and portfolio managers the invaluable information they need to determine whether or not projects are meeting expectations, and if not, to identify the immediate steps to be taken. For those less versed in PMI concepts, basic resource management features in Tempo Folio enable project teams to manage ongoing costs and gain a comprehensive understanding of the bottom line.


Time is our most valuable resource, and so often, we underestimate its importance. Yet, when we’re armed with the right software tools that give us insights into how we use our time, we can better understand and optimise our use of it. Whether you’re a CMO managing ongoing marketing projects and initiatives, or a COO charged with overseeing the day­to­day activities across your business for payroll purposes, Tempo Timesheets enables businesses to gain high­level and granular overviews of all work efforts with real­time reporting capabilities available based on different roles and needs. Use this data to better forecast and plan for the future, gain better project insights, and ensure that the right resources are working on the right things and for accounting and compliance initiatives.

Extend your JIRA instance for your software and project teams with Tempo solutions and work smarter in the new year.

Learn more at tempo.io

Free Tempo trials are available for cloud and server through the Atlassian Marketplace.