Many people wonder what it is like to work in the IT business as a woman. Based on this question we lately interviewed our workmate Alina about her point of view. At Scandio she is in charge of everything regarding graphics, web design and front-end development.

The outcome of our interview? Read here for yourself:

How did you stumble upon Scandio and why do you work there now?

It started approximately a year and a half ago. At that time, I was still studying arts and multimedia with a minor in media informatics. Besides, I was employed as a working student at another company where I was mainly engaged in the design department: banner ads, icons, mockups to improve the user experience, etc.. Indeed, I really liked my tasks there, but somehow it was a little bit too monotonous and I simply wanted to face new challenges. Therefore I quite spontaneously asked my flatmate Felix, who is one of my colleagues by now, if  Scandio is by chance looking for a working student for graphic/web design. Until this point in time, I had already met some colleagues of Felix and I thought: “they are all really nice - so why not?”. It took just one day until I received an email of Christian, who is my boss today. He suggested that I should just drop in if I’m interested in working at Scandio – which I did just the next day! Our conversation was very pleasant, but it quickly turned out that Scandio isn’t looking for someone, who is only a graphic designer. Even though I had very little experience of programming, just basic HTML-CSS skills, some Javascript and PHP, my prospective employer was willing to add me to his team.

Because you are originating from a - for Scandio - rather unusual working environment: What are your tasks and how was the introduction to your new work?

At the beginning, some tasks were a little bit tricky for me, but there was always an experienced colleague available to support me. And gradually all the „Eeeerm“s turned into „Aaaah“s and I got better and better in front-end development. Now I create mockups for user experience and design; I also did that in my previous job, but at Scandio I’m also allowed to implement them on my own. I mean, it’s really cool to design a website which looks exactly like you put it on paper before. But, of course, it’s much cooler if you were part of the implementation process. Meanwhile, I have been permanently employed at Scandio since May 2015; it was in a manner of speaking my first big step towards working life after studying. However, also as a working student from August ‘14 to April ‘15 I was authorised to take over challenging and responsible tasks, e.g. an entire redesign of the company website (which is still in progress) or the participation in various meetings with customers.

What do you like especially about working at Scandio?

I think everybody here can answer this question really quickly: We are an awesome team, which interacts very amicably. We often prepare and have lunch together and other times we also play (computer-)games and drink beer together after work. Sometimes you have to put up a silly joke, but on the other hand, you are also allowed to drop a daffy remark. Furthermore, we go on day trips together from time to time. All in all, we have a very pleasant and easy-going working atmosphere. This way you are more willing to get up on Monday mornings and go to work (it’s also no problem if you arrive a little bit later at the office as we, fortunately, have flexible working hours). The tasks are quite diverse - sometimes you are working on different projects at the same time - and you are always encouraged to achieve your goals and improve yourself further. In this way, I’ve probably learned more during a half year at Scandio than in three years of study.

This is Alina.

Especially as a woman: What is it like to work at Scandio?

When I had my job interview I quickly realised that women are definitely outnumbered in the IT sector. Back then we were approximately seven women. But since that time the number increased and meanwhile we have a female quota of almost 25%. However, I never get the feeling to be disadvantaged or specially treated in any way and I still feel completely comfortable. Sometimes one of my male colleagues shouts “See you, boys” but I can tolerate that (laughs). From my point of view, no woman should be afraid of starting a career in the IT world just because it is currently still a male domain. If she really likes programming etc., a woman should definitely use her talent in this sector.