In mid-February, the redesigned website of the portal for the Bavarian foreign trade went online.

Scandio GmbH conducted the entire relaunch of the portal, without any change of the technological basis of the IHK Open Source CMS.

The core objective of the relaunch was a simplification of the portal regarding page types and different structures on the one hand. The existing content was supposed to be reprioritized and arranged in a clear hierarchy after the evaluation of user behaviour.


On the other hand, the modern and flexible design was intended to also work as a basis for other forum portals in the foreign trade environment. Interactions on mobile devices like the main navigation or the global search function have been further improved in the course of the relaunch.



Another important goal of the design of the new website was a gridless layout, which provides a lot of possibilities for the different contents to be displayed in an optimal way.  

Additionally the “country information” section was to be extended, which has been successfully implemented using map navigation and pictograms.