The ShipIt Days, the in-house hackathon, took place at Scandio for the fifth time last week. As a result, regular work was put aside on Thursday afternoon and the next 24 hours were themed as “creative and innovative projects”. These might well have to do with software or hardware development, but there were also some groups that wanted to prove themselves with art. Friday afternoon ended the work on the projects and each team had five minutes to present their results. At the end, the individual winners in the categories “Innovation”, “Competence”, “Benefit” and “Presentation” and an overall winner were selected and awarded through a point system.

Pizza break on Thursday
Not only coding...

Winner in the category: Competence

Who Can Do It? from Georg

“Who Can Do It?” is a simple but powerful application for task distribution in Confluence. Add tasks to a list for which you lack the know-how, for which there is no time or for which you need help. Persons can be proposed for the respective task. These users can respond by accepting, rejecting or offering help. Each task has a deadline and the group of proposed persons is reminded to respond within this deadline.

JamblePi from Felix K., Christoph and Marius

“Get in touch with your buddies in the Office”: This requires a Raspberry Pi, a Jabra and a Mumble server. When switched on, the Pi automatically connects to a room on the Mumble server, switching an office “online” whose users can talk via loudspeakers. Perfect for employees in the home office.

Jamble Pi
Soccer Crew

Winner in the category: Benefits

An anarchistic approach to vacationing - The Holiday Calendar 2.0 from Carla, Irmi and Vero

Improving the current process for vacation applications (in Confluence using Pagetypes) to manage vacation requests within your own team.

Winner in the category: Presentation

Pimp My Img from Alina

“Pimp My Img” is a generator with which you can easily generate images for social media posts in a corporate design - without Photoshop!

Overall winner and winner in the category: Innovation

QuickMeet from Aljaz, Fares, Felix O., Florian, Jacob, Matthias G. and Mike

“QuickMeet” is an interactive appointment overview hardware that is installed in front of a conference room. The display shows which meeting is currently taking place, how long it will take and if it is possible to attend. It is also possible to set your own appointment via the touch screen. All data is always synchronized with the Scandio Inside Calendar.

The winning team 2018