The Scandio blog team has set itself the goal of bringing the Scandio even closer to you in 2019. To do this, we’re grabbing a few Scandio employees to ask them personal questions about themselves and their work at Scandio. The always cheerful Maxi acts as a test person, who of course was happy to receive an invitation for an interview and accepted it directly.

Please tell us something about yourself:

I am Maximilian, 27 years old and come from Kronach. I trained as an IT specialist for application development in Plattling near Deggendorf. I wrote my thesis in Upper Franconia at my former company. I have been at Scandio for over 3 years and work here as a web developer with React, JavaScript, NodeJS and PHP. I also like football, travelling, playing video games and polar bears.

How did you hear about Scandio and what did you notice in the first days?

I searched “PHP Developer Munich” in Google and so I found Scandio. For decision making I created an Excel list with all job advertisements and evaluated the individual jobs. In the first days at Scandio I noticed that the people here are all very good at what they do. :)

What is particularly important to you as a person in relation to your work?

Having fun at work and learning new things.

Do you also do something with your colleagues outside working hours?

Yes, we play board games and video games, boulder or go out together.

Was there a highlight / specialty during your time at Scandio?

There were so many highlights here that I can’t choose one directly. But the ShipIt Days once a year are something special for me, because it’s really cool to see the whole company working together in a playful way. The atmosphere is different than usual and you really push yourself. Last year I only slept 3 hours on a beanbag in the office. Unfortunately, we only finished second. But this year it will surely be the first place!

What makes it so exciting for you to work here?

Mainly the cool people and the good togetherness. It’s very familiar. It is comparable to the school break you spent with your friends. :)

Do you have particularly stressful days a week? For Example every Monday? Why?

The stressful days are actually very coincidental. They are less stressful days, but rather stressful moments. If I get e.g. 5 messages and at the same time 3 people stand in the room, then it can become already somewhat strenuous. But I would say of myself that I can handle stress relatively well.

And what is your favorite comfort food? Or do you have other tips to cope with stressful moments?

I take a deep breath, then make myself a cup of coffee, talk to a colleague and then I’ m ready to go! :)

How much coffee do you drink during work?

Between 4 - 6 cups.

What are you happy about at work? Is there any success that will really get you excited?

Some good things happen every day, so I’m happy every day. ;)

You are allowed to do another job at Scandio for three weeks. Which one would that be?

Barista ;) but only with the right equipment. (portafilter coffee machine)

Thank you very much for the nice interview Maxi!