In this blog post we would like to show you how it’s possible to bring the individual company social media channels closer to colleagues in just a few steps. Especially in B2B companies, social media is used to take HR marketing measures. Not to be underestimated are the colleagues who like and share the company posts on social media with their followers. In addition, the cohesion among the employees is strengthened, since particularly beautiful moments can be called up again and again. But how can all social media channels be made visible to all colleagues in the simplest way? How can you get the desired post with just one click? This blog post takes shows in 10 simple steps how a Confluence page can be transformed into a company-wide social media center:

1. Step

First you have to create a new page in Confluence.

2. Step

An HTML link must be inserted into this page. This can be done using the HTML macro.


3. Step

On the website SnapWidget you can log in at the top right of the page, for example via Facebook.

4. Step

After registering, you will be taken to an overview page of the previous widgets, where you can also create new embedded galleries directly.


5. Step

After clicking on the Create button you will be redirected to a selection page. On this page you can choose for which social media channel the gallery should be. The large tiles show the possible shapes of the gallery.


6. Step

Once you have chosen one of the designs, you will be taken to the main page to create a gallery. On this page you can define the properties of the gallery itself. First you have to enter the username of the desired account. Among other things, you can determine the arrangement and size of the images, add hover effects and adjust the color.


7. Step

Once you have decided on a look and clicked on the “Get Widget” button, the code that has to be inserted into the HTML macro will be displayed.


8. Step

So you can create a separate section for each social media channel in the Confluence page. The basis for this is the insertion of the code into the HTML macro (1.). Alternatively, on the right side the employees who are also represented on this social network can be linked (2.). Thus the communication in the company can be increased, because the employees are connected with each other.


9. Step

The following picture shows how the finished Confluence page can look like.


10. Step

If you want to highlight the gallery even more, you can embed it on the feed page with our Atlassian Marketplace App Lively Theme. However, administrator rights are required for this.