The next Scandianer found himself answering to a few questions for the Scandio blog team. Christian (nickname Kiwi) works as a system engineer with a touch of software development for Scandio, mostly from the home office. His responsibilities include the operation and further development of a cloud foundry-based hosting solution for microservice(s) of various kinds. Outside his work, he is said to have a soft spot for motorcycling and mountain biking.

Please tell us something about yourself

My name is Kiwi and I am 35 years old. I come from beautiful Burghausen near the Austrian border. In my youth I indulged in mathematics studies and almost successfully completed them. At the tender age of 30 I began my apprenticeship as an electronics technician specializing in automation technology. I completed this training in the summer of 2015 and worked as a programmer for automated industrial plants. Since July 2017 I have been working for Scandio.

How did you hear about Scandio and what did you notice in the first days?

Through a friend from college. The most striking thing about my first working day was the very collegial atmosphere among the employees. During the obligatory tour through the office one was welcomed very open-heartedly, everyone showed interest and it was not only about small talk.

What is particularly important to you as a person in relation to your work?

A collegial relationship with employees and bosses. The needs of the employees are the top priority for the management of Scandio, and great care is taken to ensure that nobody works too much or too little. Individual development needs are supported. Specifically in my case, it helps me to improve in my areas of interest and to realize myself in projects (adapted to my inclinations, even if they change).

Do you also do something with your colleagues outside working hours?

Since Scandio is a very open company, a so-called monthly meeting is held every month at which teams present their work. It has now become a tradition to visit restaurants and bars after the meeting, sometimes even into the early hours of the morning. There is not only a working relationship, but it is friends with whom you go to concerts, enjoy the obligatory after-work beer or go on holiday.

Was there a highlight / specialty during your time at Scandio?

There’s not just one highlight. The highlights are numerous, starting with spontaneous trips to Slovenia, funny and long team evenings and birthdays, but also the ShipIT Days, joint laser day trips or the daily attack of an enemy team with Nerfguns.

What makes it so exciting for you to work here?

The daily challenge to get to know and work with new technologies and working methods. With a highly motivated team in a company in which the much praised flat hierarchies are not only postulated, but also lived. And all this with the possibility to work from anywhere and at almost any time.

Do you have particularly stressful days a week? For example every Monday? Why?

There’s no such thing as stressful times. At the moment I am in charge of a DevOps project that provides a platform for different teams to host their apps. When a team has a launch, there are short periods of stress, but on the whole we are in control of our own time and can manage it. Of course, customer wishes have to be fulfilled. The biggest stress on a Monday is the way to the coffee machine :)

And what is your favorite comfort food? Or do you have other tips to cope with stressful moments?

Coffee and cigarettes help quite well. In the stressful phases mentioned above, coffee consumption increases directly proportional, rituals are not necessary due to the helpful colleagues.

How much coffee do you drink during work?

Between 8 - 12 cups.

What are you happy about at work? Is there any success that will really get you excited?

Because of the coffee consumption I am very happy that the coffee is free ;) I’m happiest when the deadlines are very tight and we manage to do the impossible with our team. But most of all I’m glad about my colleagues and about constantly learning new things. You never stop learning!

Nobody is perfect. Surely you already made a mistake. Which one?

In my youthful recklessness and exuberance in the third month at the Scandio I accidentally brought our production platform to its knees and it had to be restarted. This gave me a slightly sweaty, work-filled Friday afternoon.

You are allowed to do another job at Scandio for three weeks. Which one would that be?

This is a very difficult question, of course, because every job (seems to) make extremely happy when I look at the faces of my colleagues. But to be honest, there is one group that stands out: The H-Team (responsible for marketing, among other things). They spread so much cheerfulness and lightness in our “dreary” office life every day at any time of the day.

Many thanks for the nice interview Kiwi!