The Scandio Report of the month April has arrived! Natascha works as an Atlassian Consultant in our Scandio team and takes care of larger customer projects. In her spare time she likes to go out into nature or work artistically on her canvas.

Please tell us something about yourself:

I’m a very nature-loving person. Before I started at Scandio, I studied art and multimedia and also made interactive art installations. At some point, however, I became more and more interested in IT. At Scandio I work in the Atlassian Consulting team. This means in concrete terms: I actually click and type a lot and tell other people where to click. Another task is to annoy the people from the neighbouring room when it comes to cross-team projects :)

How did you hear about Scandio and what did you notice in the first days?

Through a friend I learned about Scandio and saw the pictures on Instagram: Very likeable! During the first days at Scandio I noticed that the people in my team are pretty cool.

What is particularly important to you as a person in relation to your work?

I appreciate 4 things: exciting projects, a great team spirit, being able to decide for yourself how much responsibility you take on and the flexibility with the free or local time management. And there are often cakes in the kitchen. So 5 things after all.

Do you also do something with your colleagues outside working hours?

Yeah, at the team events where we go out for dinner or something. From time to time we also paint, boulder or hike.

Was there a highlight / specialty during your time at Scandio?

The ShipIt-Days are a cool event! I’m also looking forward to all scandiowide events, like going out for dinner together after the monthly meetings. Food is just great ;)

What makes it so exciting for you to work here?

The diversity in my daily tasks. Often it’s unpredictable which tasks to do today or tomorrow, because I work a lot in support. In addition, I configure service desks or hold a training session. I have a lot of customer contact and you can learn a lot from colleagues. It definitely NEVER gets boring. What’s also exciting is to test the different canteens at the customers!

Do you have particularly stressful days a week? For Example every Monday? Why?

It always depends on the week. I only have stress when too many tasks suddenly come in, for example because a system doesn’t behave as it should. Then you have to sort, prioritise and continue. But I don’t have any particular stress days.

And what is your favorite comfort food? Or do you have other tips to cope with stressful moments?

Chocolate! That’s why I’m in favour of setting up a workout zone (pull-up bar/boxing bag) at Scandio! When things get hectic, I allow myself a quiet moment to meditate or for a walk in the park.

How much coffee do you drink during work?

In the past about 2 liters of coffee a day, now only 2 cups :)

What are you happy about at work? Is there any success that will really get you excited?

I like it if I can help other people understand how to use the tools correctly to work better together in a team. But even if an idea works as it should. Otherwise, I just look forward to the colorful bunch of people I meet every day at work.

Nobody is perfect. Surely you already made a mistake. Which one?

Yes, the most concise one was when I had already spent some time in an implementation, although the customer actually needed something completely different - and one could have noticed this much earlier with a short conversation. The crucial point is that we all make mistakes all the time and learn from them! As long as you communicate them at an early stage, the resulting problem is often not that big. Scandio’s open error culture helps very well.

You are allowed to do another job at Scandio for three weeks. Which one would that be?

I’d like to get into marketing. I have been wondering for a long time what you are doing all day :P

Many thanks for the nice interview, Natascha!