Cloud, Opsgenie, Jira Align, Data Center and 100% Renewability - In the first week of April, our Scandio team visited their first Atlassian Summit in the USA. A huge spectacle in the Nevada desert with a thousand impressions and lots of great news from the Atlassian world. In this blog post we want to summarize the most concise ones to bring Atlassian fans who weren’t there up to date.

News from the Atlassian product world

The program started on Monday with Developer Day, which is all about the Atlassian developer community. Whether new ideas or best practice impressions, there was a lot of information about app development, cloud capabilities, scaling, security and performance. Tuesday was the Partner Day for all Atlassian partners, where Scandio again received the award: “Atlassian Partner of the Year - Enterprise 2019”.

We also held a presentation on the stage. At a partner event of Seibert Media and Linchpin, our colleague Felix Grund showed what is possible with our Atlassian Marketplace App “PocketQuery” for Confluence and Jira.

Keynote 2019
Las Vegas by night

Below we have listed the most interesting news of the Atlassian product world:

React even faster with Opsgenie
Enhanced incident management capabilities enable Dev and Ops teams to respond to incidents more quickly and resolve them more effectively. Read more

The acceptance of cloud hosting increases significantly
While skeptics argued earlier that above all enterprise customers will not change into the cloud, this has changed in the meantime clearly above all also, since Atlassian seems to have found a good way to solve GDPR problems. Atlassian also introduces a new product: Cloud Premium for Jira Software and Confluence. Read more

More compelling content for Confluence in the cloud
The Atlassian team announces more than 15 new features for Confluence in the cloud, giving users a whole new way to create content. This is a great opportunity for the future, as 85% of all new Atlassian customers start with an Atlassian Cloud product. Read more

Now even more agile scaling - with the new product Jira Align
After the acquisition of AgileCraft, Atlassian introduces Jira Align. Through its advanced agile capabilities, a tool has been created that allows users worldwide to collaborate more agile. Read more

Significantly improved data center and server performance
Significant performance and infrastructure improvements make Atlassians data centers and servers even better. This year’s platform releases - Jira Software 8.0, Confluence 7.0, Bitbucket 6.0, Jira Service Desk 4.0 and Portfolio 3.0 - are responsible for many of these upgrades. Read more

An open team culture is becoming increasingly important
The key words at this year’s Atlassian Summit were clear: openness, team, individual strengths and weaknesses, positive feedback and constructive criticism, to name just a few. In fact, there was a separate lecture category called “People Practices Culture” with 10 lectures on this topic. Read more

Last, but not least… 100% renewable electricity by 2025
The first step by Atlassian in the fight against global climate change. Atlassian is committed to 100% renewable energy by 2025. Atlassian joins the RE100 alliance, a group of influential global companies that are 100% committed to renewable energy. Read more

Atlassian Summit with Expo

The actual Atlassian Summit started on Wednesday with sessions, product demos, keynotes and inspiring lectures. The Expo-Area with numerous partner booths also invited visitors to explore and Scandio was also represented with a booth.
There was no opportunity to be there? Then Atlassian offers the possibility to watch all lectures afterwards for free: Online Sessions

Scandio booth at the Expo
Award Partner of the Year - Enterprise 2019


Despite massive jetlag, we experienced an exciting and above all successful week with many new contacts, information and opportunities to start in a new Atlassian business year.

More pictures can be found in our Scandio Instagram account: Scandiolife.