The Scandio Report of May has arrived! T-Shirts and Birkenstock describe our Senior Software Consultant and Architect Alex perfectly. A Scandio veteran, with a predilection for chocolate and good music.

Please tell us something about yourself first:

I used to joke with my colleagues about what my official business card name was. The result: Senior Software Consultant and Architect. And that’ s quite true. As an Architect, I do planning tasks in the sense of individual software and this planning also includes implementation. I’m not an architect who just says: “That’s how I imagine it, just do it.” I have been employed at Scandio since the company was founded and am therefore one of the first five. I got to know Christian and Christoph in 1998 as a working student in their former company.

Was there a highlight during your time at Scandio that you will always remember?

It’s incredibly hard to pick one since I’ve been here so long. I am extremely satisfied, happy and proud of what we have done with the company. That’s why I enjoy coming here every day. So I would say that my highlight is the foundation and that it worked so well.

What does work-life balance mean to you?

I don’t know exactly what is to be understood by this term today ;). My work-life balance looks like I’m out of work after work. I don’t have a company mobile phone and don’t get any e-mails after work. Otherwise I have shortened hours, which gives me the opportunity to be flexible in my life. And I also try to keep my family away from stress situations at work.

Talking of stress: What is your favorite food to calm your nerves? Or do you have other tips to cope with stressful moments?

The classic: beer and chips. This is not always possible during work. Otherwise chocolate in every form and good music. Then I put on my headphones and go full speed.

Which piece of clothing that you often wear at work describes you best?

T-shirts, basically. And of course my Birkenstock. I hate it when I spend the whole day in closed shoes.

Fictive question: You can choose a song that you and your team can listen to during working hours for a whole year. Which one would that be?

There has actually been an album since 1988 that I listen to all the time. Appetite for Destruction from Guns N Roses. I can listen to it all day long.

Do you have a role model or someone you look up to? Especially with regard to your work or your career?

I generally don’t have a role model for now. There is no famous star software architect either. I rather take good technical solutions as an example, no people. Regarding my career path: I never thought about my career in that sense. If I ever wanted to be a department head, I would start my own company. In any case, at Scandio I can always say if something bothers me and then it will be dealt with.

That’s it! Thank you very much for the nice interview, Alex!