While we are used to marking our pages and spaces as favorites in Confluence, there is no out-of-the-box way for doing so with projects on Bitbucket. With the motivation to change this, one of our developers set out in early 2015 and created an app at our ShipIT days at Scandio. When we saw that developers at Scandio started to really appreciate to finally have their favorite projects in Bitbucket, we decided to share this little gimmick with the community as a free app on the Atlassian Marketplace. Since then the app has seen ~145 installs (at time of writing); we think this number is a success for a ShipIT project that was created in a 24 hour focus period.

Interestingly, one of our partner vendors ASK Software had long had exactly this functionality in his successful Bitbucket app Notifyr that Bitbucket users have learned to appreciate with ~460 installs (at time of writing) and a great number of positive reviews. When at Atlassian Open 2019, ASK Software told us about the idea to extract the favorites functionality from Notifyr into a separate Bitbucket app, we decided to let ASK Software become the sole caretaker of one great Favourites for Bitbucket app on the Atlassian Marketplace.

All this means that the Favourites for Bitbucket app has now left Scandio’s app portfolio and entered ASK Software’s. We are excited about the future development on this tool and we think that this is a shining example of what things can arise from the concept of a 24 hour ShipIT focus time.