The Scandio Report of the month September has arrived! The next candidate is our working student Sven. He has been with Scandio for over 2 years now and is responsible for our products on the Atlassian Marketplace in the M-Team.

Please tell us something about yourself first. What are your responsibilities at Scandio and how long have you been working here?

I am Sven, 22 years old and study computer science (soon accomplished) at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. About 2 years ago I did my practical semester at Scandio and since then I have been working as a working student. Now, together with my team, I take care of our apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. This doesn’t just include pure development, but also a lot of other exciting tasks like marketing, design, strategic decisions regarding features and new apps and of course participating in all kinds of Atlassian events.

How did you find out about Scandio?

I was looking for a place for my internship semester and, to be honest, I was almost desperate, as most of the offers in this area were either related exclusively to testing and/or came from companies operating in the automotive industry. Since I not only wanted to test, but also really want to develop something and I also do not like cars at all, I decided to inquire in the circle of acquaintances. In fact, the Scandio was recommended to me via Twitter.

Instead of writing an e-mail, I called Christian Koch, one of the two co-founders, and was immediately surprised by his positive nature. My good feeling was confirmed in the interview: Unlike my previous interviews, I didn’t have to go through any unrealistic whiteboard coding or memorize any superfluous specifics about certain languages or libraries. Christian and Christoph were much more interested in getting to know me as a person and finding out what I would like to do. This is probably something that any other scandian can confirm: Hardly any other job interview makes you feel as valued as at Scandio. That’s why it was immediately clear to me after the interview that I wanted to go to Scandio.

Was there a highlight during your time at Scandio that you will always remember?

In my two years at Scandio, I’ve already experienced so much great things that it’s incredibly hard to choose a single highlight. Instead, I’d rather name a list of highlights and super cool events (in no particular order) I was allowed to attend:

  • I already mentioned my job interview ;)

  • The launch of my first own app on the Atlassian Marketplace

  • The following talk about my app at the Atlassian User Group

  • All other Atlassian User Groups

  • The Scandio Super-Wiesn-Ersatz-Event 2017 (Whiskey-Tasting and Hike to the Schliersbergalm)

  • The Atlassian Summit 2018 in Barcelona

  • All the team evenings where I could get to know the Augsburg part of the Scandio better.

  • The Atlassian Summit 2019 in Las Vegas

  • The Atlassian AppWeek 2019 in Berlin - the most exhausting event for me so far but probably also the coolest and most educational!

  • The Scandio Monthly and especially the Quarterly Meetings

  • The Atlassian Open 2019 in Vienna

And there’s a lot more, but the list is long enough. As you can see, I (as a working student!) am allowed to visit a lot of exciting events and therefore I have grown very deeply into the Atlassian world. That’s really something special and I’m very grateful to Scandio for that!

How do you combine study and work?

It could be definitely better. For me the work is much more fun, which makes my studies a bit more difficult. At the moment I’m struggling with my bachelor thesis, for example, but would much rather do new features.

How important is music to you? (both at work and privately)

Music is very important to me. Without my daily dose on the way to work I don’t feel productive. In my spare time I sometimes produce electronic music myself, but the amount of time it takes is rarely worth it. But I don’t put on the headphones that often when I’m at work, because of my preference for faster and harder genres

What do you enjoy most about your job?

For now, of course, the sense of responsibility. For us it really feels like these are our apps we are working on. As a team we decide independently which features we want to do and how we want to do them. That makes it incredibly rewarding to talk to customers who use our apps and think they’re great.

And then I also have to say that I find the Atlassian Ecosystem very pleasant in general. On the contrary, Marketplace dealers and partners help each other a lot and openly share their knowledge with each other. Our “competitors” actually feel much more like colleagues to me and it’s great to see them in person at all the Atlassian events.

Nobody is perfect. Surely you already made a mistake. Which one?

Of course I’ve already produced one or two bugs or missed support answers, but luckily I can’t remember a bigger bug. The only “bug” i’m a little annoyed about is that I didn’t dare go to the AppWeek in Amsterdam at that time. There Atlassian discussed the topic “Data Center Readiness” for apps and that would have brought us a lot at that time.

You get to do another job at Scandio for three weeks. Which one would that be?

I think that’s something you can read from my previous answers: I think my team and my tasks are just so great that I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Not even for three weeks.

Thank you very much, Sven!