The Scandio Report of the Month October has arrived! The next candidate is my marketing colleague Michaela. She has been with Scandio for almost two years and is responsible for marketing and partner management.

Please tell us something about yourself. What are your responsibilities at Scandio and how long have you been working here?

I am working for Scandio nearly for two years in different marketing areas (Social Media, Content Management, event management etc.)

How did you hear about Scandio and what did you notice in the first days?

At that time I was looking for a marketing job in Munich. The Scandio job advertisement was not a direct result, but i was made aware of it by a friend. After I had a look at Scandio on the Internet and Instagram I knew that it could fit quite well.

Do you have particularly stressful days a week? Every Monday or so? Why?

It usually only gets stressful when a bigger event, such as the Atlassian Summit, is coming up. Then I have to plan and organize a lot in advance. But most of the time it’s a very pleasant stress ;)

What does work-life balance mean to you?

For me this is the freedom to decide whether I can work from the office or spontaneously from the couch. Generally it’s more interesting and fun in the office, so I don’t stay at home as often. For me, work-life balance also means the family atmosphere at Scandio and that I can talk to a lot of people about many topics. This doesn’t give me the feeling of being measured on my best or worst days, but that I am also perceived as an individual.

What is your favorite nerve food? Or do you have other tips to cope with stressful moments?

Phew, I pay a lot of attention to a healthy diet, especially in the office, so I don’t eat chocolate or other sweets most of the time. In special moments when I want to get away from the stress, I look for one or two favorite colleagues and we have a little coffee break. Then there’s a little rattle or a bit of goofing around.

Fictitious question: You can choose a song that you and your team can listen to during working hours for a whole year. Which one would that be?

WONDERWALL by Oasis :D None of my colleagues will be happy about that now, because we have discussed several times that most of them can’t hear this song anymore.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love to organize events and see how it worked on site. Usually quite good ;) I also love to write texts and since I’ve also taken on tasks in partner management, I’m always looking forward to meet new people and cultivate existing contacts again to exchange ideas or have a beer together.

Nobody is perfect. I’m sure you’ve already made a mistake. Which one?

That’s really difficult. Since I have a very wide range of tasks and have to prioritize and complete a wide variety of small tasks every day, it can happen that I forget something. This could be that the triple socket remains missing at the fair or a promised link comes only after repeated demand. But thanks to my to-do list (also a controversial topic in Scandio :P ) I think I’ve got that very well under control.