The Scandio Report of the Month November has arrived! The next candidate is our Software Developer Lukas. If you want to know how long he’s been working at Scandio and why he’s trying to avoid home office, you’ll have to read on!

Please tell us something about yourself first. What are your tasks at Scandio and how long have you been working here?

I am Lukas, I come from Merano in Italy and I am 24 years old. I came to Munich to study computer science at the TU Munich. I dropped out of the course, but that’s how I came to my first employer and after one year there, I became aware of Scandio. Now almost 1 ½ years ago I started here and have been working as a software developer since.

How did you become aware of the Scandio and what did you notice in the first days?

Via a job advertisement online. I immediately noticed that the atmosphere here is very familiar. That means that there’s quite a bit of fooling around. Quote Christoph: “Lukas has been talking cheeky phrases since day one!” That is mostly merit of Scandio, because it shows that I felt great there from the get go.

Are there particularly stressful days in your week? Every Monday or so? Why?

There’s no such thing. There is only a stressful week ahead when Max (Commander in Chief) is not here. It’s not necessarily more work, but you have to do more planning and work a little differently overall.

What is your favorite nerve food? Or do you have other tips to cope with stressful moments?

When it comes to nerve food, I can only think of Feine-Sahne-Fischfilet ;)

What does work-life balance mean to you?

On the one hand I try to no give in to the temptation of home office so that the separation (work and privat) is easier for me. On the other hand, a bit of sport wouldn’t be wrong. But I’d be lying if I claimed that I’m doing lots of sports.

Fictitious question: You can choose a song that you and your team can listen to during working hours for a whole year. Which one would that be?

There’s a little anecdote to that. My colleague Alina, who sits in my office room, has created a “Lukas sings” playlist because I’m often humming songs during work. On the playlist you can choose any song you want, because it’s just annoyingly catchy tunes. The team would really enjoy that.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Fun? It’s work! But I really like the community here the most. As I said before, I’m not just trying to avoid the home office to separate work and privat life, but also to stay in contact with the people here. That wasn’t always the case for me. In my previous job there were only two of us and my colleague spent half the time on customer projects. It has its perks, but it’s definitely different from spending time here with like-minded fools. ;)

Do you have a role model in your work?

Linus Torvalds. The inventor of Git, Linux and a few other things. He sometimes acts really rude, but at least he is straight to the point. And of course he is a very good programmer. Just a cool guy!

Nobody is perfect. Surely you already made a mistake. Which one?

We wrote a small service once. There was a small adjustment, which should fix something. Well, it sorta did, but it also wiped the database.

Thank you very much for your time, Lukas.