The Scandio Report of the Month December has arrived! At the cosy time of the year we have come up with something special for our Scandio Report. We asked the whole Scandio 10 Christmas questions and collected the best answers. Have fun with it!

What smell or taste do you associate with Christmas?

  • For me this is the taste of cinnamon on cinnamon stars and the smell of intense candles & Christmas trees. (Martin, Software Developer)
  • So far mulled wine, but that changed abruptly since the Christmas party last Friday. (Kiwi, Software Developer)

What candy can’t you miss for Christmas?

  • I love my mama’s “Vanillekipferl” and I’m always available for cinnamon stars. (Mäxi, Marketing Assistant)
  • I can’t survive Christmas without dominoes. (Sascha, Application Developer).
  • I like gingerbread in any shape or size. (Stefan, Software Developer)

What do you have for Dinner on Christmas Eve?

  • As a child we always had sausages with potato salad, now we choose something different every year as a family - last year we had baked pineapple rice on our menu. (Irmi, Software-Consultant)
  • I’d like to do something quite non-traditional. Last year there was Indian lentil soup, the year before a Korean noodle dish with kimchi. (Martin, Software Developer)
  • This year it’ll be venison goulash from the Dutch Oven. (Kristina, Software Consultant)

How do you spend your Christmas holidays?

  • I’ll be out on the streets a lot to visit all the family members and friends. (Michaela, Marketing Manager)
  • We visit the church. Yes!! I’m taking all the kids with me and Christian (editor’s note: Christian Koch, one of our CEO’s and Heike’s husband) is the Christ Child. We also go to the theatre and have a brunch. (Heike, Office Manager)
  • Preferably at home in my sweat pants at PlayStation. (Martin, Software Developer)

What’s your favorite Advent calendar?

  • Bought: a tea advent calendar. But of course a homemade one is the best. (Carla, Software Developer)
  • Definitely a non-chocolate calendar! My mom made me one two years ago with high quality tea, which I still drink. It was great! (Isi, Project and Sales Manager)
  • Advent calendar with Maulwurf Pauli! I get several of them every year because my family knows how sweet I think he is. This year there is one here in the office (from my grandmother) and one at home (from my mom). (Alina, Head of Design)

Has anything ever gone totally wrong at Christmas?

  • The roast was black, since that day there’s fondue. (Sebastian, working student)
  • Many years ago Papa turned on boys choir christmas songs that Mama didn’t like at all (we children didn’t like them that much either…) and somehow a big argument arose out of it. Since then there is only harmless music. (Isi, Project and Sales Manager)
  • My daughter caught me scattering Santa Claus stars, then she didn’t believe us anymore that Santa Claus was filling the presents. (Irmi, Software Consultant)

Do you have a favourite Christmas song?

  • Melanie Thornton - “Wonderful Dream”. Or also known as the Coca-Cola Christmas Carol. (Kristina, Software Consultant)
  • Die Prinzen - “Ich wünsche mir zum Weihnachtsfest” or “Was soll ich ihr schenken” (Irmi, Software-Consultant)
  • Everyone! But if I have to make up my mind, it’s all Dean Martin’s. And if I still have to decide, then “Let it snow”. Or “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. It’s soo hard. (Alina, Head of Design)

What Christmas song can’t you really hear anymore?

  • Last Christmas! (Carla, Mäxi, Stefan, Kiwi, Isi, Heike)
  • Rudolph the red nosed reindeer - Since my mum is also inserting the Christmas CD with the introduction of the gingerbread into the shops (end of September). Amnesty international doesn’t help in this case. (Sascha, Application Developer).

Do you have a special Christmas movie that’s on the program every year?

  • A bit traditionally I have Loriots “Christmas at Hoppenstedts”, and quite untraditionally the episode “Christmas with the Joker” of the Batman cartoon series. (Martin, Software Developer)
  • “Kevin: home alone.” A few years ago he didn’t come on free TV at Christmas and that was really sad for me. Oh well, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is also wanted almost every year at Christmas time. (Alina, Head of Design)
  • “Die Hard 1 & 2” and “Hateful Eight” (Kiwi, Software Developer)

What three things would you take to a lonely snow cabin?

  • Stacks of books. Does that count as one thing? If so, then also a Bluetooth box to listen to music and my mobile phone (and then I wouldn’t enjoy it any more because I forgot the charger :D ). Otherwise just three fat books. (Alina, Head of Design)
  • A bottle of rum, a grill and a big piece of meat. (Kristina, Software Consultant)
  • My thick cuddly socks, something to paint and my nintendo switch to play with. (Isi, Project and Sales Manager)

The entire Scandio wishes you a relaxing Christmas and a happy new decade!