A letter announces that the fire protection company will come by to check the smoke detectors of your apartment soon. They explicitly state that the placement of the detectors also needs to be checked - so taking them off the ceiling and putting them in front of your appartment door won’t work either. The time window that they announce is exactly at noon, so your work day is cut in half and it doesn’t really make sense to drive to the office before or after their visit. The options you are left with are taking a day off or working from home.

There is a myriad of scenarios in which working from home is extremely convenient. Maybe your heating system is checked, you’re getting a huge delivery, your doctor’s appointment is at an inconvenient time or your babysitter calls in sick. Your colleagues at work are also grateful if you don’t come to the office with a huge cold to generously spread your infection. And finally it can be very nice to save yourself the time of a long commute and work at your own place, focused and with fewer distractions and interruptions.

We at Scandio are already used to working in a way that naturally includes “remotees” because of our distributed teams. When the Munich and Augsburg offices open a call to discuss something, it really doesn’t matter if to more colleagues join from their respective homes. The biggest issue might be bad internet connection, but that’s solvable as well. Thanks to Slack, Zoom and screensharing you can easily get the feeling of working right next to each other.

Our very flexible policy regarding working from home brings lots of advantages and is frequently used. But pretty soon, you will want to return to the office anyway rather than staying at home: chatting with your colleagues when getting coffee or having a beer together after finishing the work day is something you just don’t want to miss out on.

Scandio Rules In general, we at Scandio have the "Everybody may, nobody should" rule. This has something to do with trust. At Scandio, anyone can work from their home office after speaking with their team. There is no formal application and no need to get an extra permit for this. Nevertheless, we are not a remote company and we do not want to become one. At Scandio, we attach great importance to working as a team and want to work together in the office.