The marketing team has also come up with something new for the new decade for the Scandio Report. Instead of interviewing individual Scandio employees, from now on we’re always grabbing whole teams to ask them a few questions about their working methods, their areas of responsibility and their fun experiences. First of all, it’s the turn of our Atlassian Consulting Team in Munich.

Flo, Natascha and Hannes (from left to right)

Please introduce your team briefly (What do you do, who are you?)

  • Hannes: As Senior Atlassian Consultant my tasks in the A-Team are mainly Requirements Engineering, i.e. I go to the customer and listen to their problems and try to offer them a solution. Most of the time the customers come with the wish to install an Atlassian tool. We, in the A-Team, actually deal mainly with Confluence and Jira. I am mainly responsible for the customers Wirecard and Siemens (BSH). At the moment a big standardization project is pending. It is an attempt to upgrade an old Jira through process optimization and automation in order to reduce administrative tasks, among other things.

  • Flo: I am Florian and actually have very similar tasks to Hannes. I only work a little more in the operative area. Actually there are two types of customers. One of them have Atlassian already in use and want to achieve an improvement or automation. The others have only heard of Atlassian so far and want to implement it. We migrate everything from their old instances and conduct workshops on how to best use Confluence and Jira. I’m mostly responsible for the customers WWK and BSH. At Supply On I help in the background with scripts and configurations. I would say that I spend 30% of my time on customer support or at the customer’s site and the remaining 70% on operational activities like preparation or configuration.

  • Natascha: I work part-time, so I have a little less project responsibility. If I have project responsibility, it is more for cloud customers. I support my team members in larger projects with the implementation of automation and configuration e.g. at Marc O’Polo, BSH or SupplyOn - otherwise I also take care of general support. We also do user training, where we explain the tools in detail. Very varied field of work. We work together with many other Scandio teams. That means: Good contacts in all teams and mutual help.

Do you have a clown in your team?

All fingers point to Hannes

What’s your favorite food on the team?

  • Natascha: The A-Team always goes to the kebab on kebab day (every Thursday)!

How well does the idea of self-organized teams work for you?

  • Flo: You definitely need some time to get used to it. We have already noticed that we had to consult Christian (one of the two Scandio founders) from time to time when introducing the self-organized teams, because we had a hard time finding a common solution. But that hasn’t happened for a long time.

  • Hannes: A concrete case: The induction of an employee did not work out quite as well and the management then asked to talk to him. We were then able to settle all this with an urgent meeting and since then there have been no more problems. You simply have to organize yourself even better.

Tell an anecdote about one of your fun team evenings?

  • Natascha: What happens on a team evening stays there. :D

  • Hannes: In summer we like to eat outside together or go and play volleyball after work. We also went for a go-cart ride and to an Escape Room and that was a lot of fun!

  • Flo: The Christmas parties are always legendary. But we won’t tell a story about it, everyone has to experience that for themselves.

What are your showcase projects?

  • Hannes: Our projects and clients are all equally important!

  • Flo: But with other customers you always like to show off with the BMW Group. With Marc O’Polo we also have one of the biggest cloud customer in Germany!

  • Natascha: With every customer you learn something new and every project is unique.

Which programming languages do you work with most?

  • Natascha: Groovy, Shell Scripting and Python we use a lot.

What was the funniest support question from a customer for a project / product so far?

  • Flo: There is a lot of stuff coming up every month!

  • Natascha: A customer has always created a ticket to buy a free add-on, but it only works for the cloud. (Editor’s note: The customer runs his Atlassian tools on servers)

  • Hannes: We also noticed that “repository” is a pretty difficult word, and there are often funny typos.

Which tools do you work with most?

  • Natascha: We use Visual Studio, Excel and of course the Atlassian products.

In which period do you have meetings?

  • Hannes: We try to talk for 15 minutes every day.

  • Flo: If someone is with the client and there are only two of us in the office, we call it off then. But we have a planning meeting once a week where we split up on the individual projects. There you can also discuss holidays and general capacities.

Thank you very much for your time!