The Scandio Team Report is launched this month as a remote interview. In the following blog post you can read who the Z-Team is and what exciting development projects they are working on. Keyword IoT.

Software Developer Team
Katha, Lulu, Alina, Max, Marius and Mäx (l.t.r.)

Please introduce your team shortly (What do you do, who are you?)

  • Alina: Hello, I am Alina. The Z-Team exists since almost two years and our current main customer is BSH. We do many different things in the BSH Home Connect environment. I originally come from the graphic design area and that’s why I also have tasks in internal marketing. I work a lot with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. In addition, I do frontend development in the Home Connect environment. Thereby I work mostly with React, Drupal / PHP, HTML or CSS.

  • Lulu: I’m Lulu, and I’m also part of the Z-Team. I’m more involved in backend development and unofficially I’m the innovation manager and like to lead new technologies, with a particular weakness for Rust.

  • Marius: I would divide our tasks for BSH into a main project and a smaller project in which I help out. Roughly put, we are building data processing pipelines and the Kubernetes infrastructure for TensorFlow models. And otherwise I’m always happy to help out when Lulu has an idea for a Rust project.

  • Frank: I’ve been on the job barely a year now. I am also involved in the main project. Here I am responsible for the support during integrations.

You guys having a clown in your team?

Lulu laughs

  • Lulu: I’m definitely the Z-Team bard, I always like to sing something to myself and generally I love to talk. There is even a Spotify Playlist with my best catchy tunes!

What is your favorite team dish?

  • Marius: I’m definitely known for my love of peanuts. But I have to be careful when our colleague Thomas comes by to have a chat because he is allergic to peanuts.

  • Alina: We have already tried out some of the kitchen equipment we are developing for. This has resulted in delicious things. We have cooked parmesan and pumpkin soup and also tried our luck with pizza and tarte flambée.

How well does the idea of self-organized teams work for you?

  • Marius: This is difficult to say, because the Z-Team has changed a little bit in personnel lately. Therefore, we first have to re-coordinate ourselves again. But before the changeover, everything worked fine.

  • Lulu: But what you can honestly say is that sometimes we have trouble making decisions as a team. But otherwise it works out great for us.

What was your most memorable team evening?

  • Alina: Team evening is wrongly expressed in this case. Last year we made a one-week trip to South Tyrol to visit Lulu’s family and from there we worked and spent time together. For example, we went hiking and had a good time at a wine tasting.

What are your flagship projects?

  • Alina: As Marius mentioned earlier, we have a main project and a smaller side project at BSH. But what I enjoyed most lately was our Fitbit project.

  • Lulu: For me it was the Google Assistant project.

With which programming languages & frameworks do you work most?

  • Marius: Preferably or mostly? Depending on the project most with TypeScript or Python. Preferably with Rust and Python.

  • Frank: I would add Go and in relation to infrastructure we do a lot with Docker and Kubernetes.

  • Alina: React!

What is the funniest support question or utopian requirement of a customer for a project / product?

  • Marius: A few members of our team have dealt with other service providers in relation to project handovers. They had some funny moments. But I don’t want to go into further detail. BTW: A program only works after you start it…

Which tools do you use most?

  • Marius: Vim!

  • Alina: I work a lot in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • Lulu: We generally work a lot with AWS and Atlassian tools and otherwise I would add Vscode and IntelliJ.

Have you already discovered new hobbies in your home office / quarantine period?

  • Alina: We have renovated the whole apartment at home and ordered Magic cards again!

In which period do you have meetings?

  • Marius: We have a StandUp Meeting at 10:30 a.m. every day and otherwise we are in common calls a lot.

  • Lulu: We’ve expanded our Project Daily to include the entire Z-Team so that we can stay in touch with everyone and stay up to date. In the new home office situation we are actually connected all the time on a Mumble Server.

  • Alina: The other day we even played Counterstrike together.

Sounds like a great team. Thanks for your time.

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