DevSecOps Participants

Together with our partner Sonatype we worked on this year’s DevSecOps Community Survey. The survey involved 5,045 people from over 70 different countries, making it the longest and most comprehensive survey on DevSecOps procedures in the industry.

DevSecOps Automation
DevSecOps Satisfaction

This year again the main focus was on the differences between mature and less mature DevOps procedures with additional research being carried out to determine the extent to which the optimized procedures affect developer satisfaction. Companies with mature processes recorded comparatively higher employee satisfaction and loyalty as well as increased developer productivity.

DevSecOps Security

Some of the findings of our annual survey provide more food for thought than others. Security gaps are usually at the top of the list. This year 24% of respondents believed that confirmed or suspected vulnerabilities were a result of their application development practices.

DevSecOps Fun-Fact

You can find everything else in detail in this year's DevSecOps Community Survey. Download it now. (Of course some fun facts should not be missing...)

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