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    Oct 08, 2015 | Eva-Maria Lindenmayr

    JIRA 7: Three new standalone products
    With the launch of the for quite some time planned 7th version of Atlassian JIRA the software has been split into three standalone products, namely JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk and JIRA Core. Based on the motto “Your team, your JIRA” there are now three individual, purpose-built applications for software, IT and...

    Sep 29, 2015 | Eva-Maria Lindenmayr

    Scandio is now an official Docker partner
    Currently everybody is talking about “Docker” and how incredibly glorious this open source software - with which you can manage applications in autarchical containers - is. But is Docker really that useful? Our answer: Yes, it is. On the one hand you can use Docker for local application development and testing...

    Sep 16, 2015 | Christian Koch

    Changing office against beach
    Today I read the article “Working at the perfect destination - 7 hints“ on www.cio.de. - Innovative? Absolutely! At Scandio this concept is already reality: While writing this article I’m chatting with a colleague in Barcelona. He’s working there for four weeks in a co-working space (http://www.transformabcn.com/), still as a permanent employee. Why?...
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    May 28, 2015

    Continuous Delivery in PHP Applications
    Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a talk about Continuous Delivery in PHP Applications at the PHP UserGroup in Munich. It was a great evening and an awesome crowd! My Slides can be viewed here: Slides.

    Nov 23, 2014 | Felix Grund

    Open stage for PocketQuery 1.14
    Open stage for PocketQuery 1.14! This version has a few design improvements and some neat new features packed for you! These are the new features / characteristics of version 1.14: New icon design PocketQuery got a new icon on your Confluence system (the red database). Template configuration There is now...
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    Oct 10, 2014

    JIRA Service Desk - lean and powerful
    Are you looking for a lean and powerful Service Desk? Do you want to have an easy to use UI? Do you seek for an advance tool which can deal with changing situations? Alright, then JIRA Service Desk is exactly the right tool for you! With JIRA Service Desk Atlassian...

    Aug 07, 2014 | Felix Grund

    PocketQuery 1.13 is released
    In this version, we focused on the topic templating. There is a new article with a lot of examples and details on templating in PocketQuery. Check it out! These are the new features / characteristics of version 1.13: Macro browser UI: the user experience of the macro browser of the PocketQuery macro...
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    Apr 08, 2014 | Felix Grund

    PocketQuery is now searchable – Release 1.12
    With version 1.12 of PocketQuery, Scandio is happy to announce a new promising key feature in our SQL Plugin: Indexing. Up to this release, data retrieved using the PocketQuery macro was not searchable in Confluence. Time for changes! What’s PocketQuery PocketQuery is a SQL connector plugin that makes it incredibly...

    Feb 13, 2014 | Felix Grund

    Confluence – Don’t let Crowd slow you down on startup
    Maintaining and monitoring different instances of Confluence, we observed very often that the embedded user management system Crowd caused immense performance problems after server startup. If Confluence is connected to a LDAP directory, Crowd will per default perform a full synchronization with that directory as soon as the system has started....
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    Nov 29, 2013

    HideElements Macro
    With the HideElements macro you can customise every Confluence page and every blog post, by hiding all the standard elements. From title to buttons to comments, it’s just one click. The HideElements macro gets included very easy into your page, either by the macro editor or the {}-syntax. To prevent...

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