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The cloud age demands a rethink - The decision to host an IT system in a self-managed environment on site or in an environment operated by a service provider is often not easy for many IT decision-makers. This overview deals with the operation of the Atlassian stack in the AWS cloud and is intended to provide a holistic overview for all those facing this decision.

The Atlassian Stack and the AWS technologies enable highly available and scalable operations. There are many possibilities about the extensibility of the toolchain by other applications as well as many aspects about security and data protection within the cloud and technical details on infrastructure, architecture and monitoring.

Important aspects

  • High Availability and Scalability: “Elastic Load Balancing” distributes incoming application traffic to multiple destination server instances. It can route the variable load of traffic to multiple availability zones.
  • Security: Using AWS services doesn't imply that all components are available on the Internet. Complete isolation and partially controlled opening is easy to configure using virtual private cloud (VPC) networks.
  • Cost optimization: It eliminates up-front costs and establishes a model based on actual expenses and not on capital investments. Through further optimization measures such as “auto scaling” or “reserved instances”, costs can also be saved during operation.
  • Time saving and increased efficiency: "Go live" can be realized faster than with on-premise solutions, since coordination is now entirely the responsibility of the cloud provider.

Your Advantages

  • Storage Space: The Atlassian Cloud offers up to 100 GB per application. A server version installed in the AWS cloud is not limited in memory and can be increased at any time.
  • Data backup: Atlassian does not currently offer automatic backups to restore the system in an emergency. The use of AWS Services facilitates zero-downtime backups and enables the fully automated orchestrated creation of test systems.
  • App availability: The Atlassian Marketplace offers over 3,000 apps for its products like Confluence or Jira. Atlassian offers only 1,200 extensions by now for their cloud version. Since the installation in the AWS Cloud is in principle a server version, the apps can be used to their full extent.
  • Costumization: The Connect API for Atlassian Cloud makes the products extensible, even if the possibilities are significantly limited by the complex cloud security concept. Of course, the possibilities have to be weighed up individually, cleanly and with difficulty in each case.

Our services

Amazon AWS
Amazon AWS

Since 2013, Scandio is Amazon AWS Partner. Benefit from our wealthy experience and our profound know-how. As all-round service providers, we support our medium-sized and large customers regarding the implementation of Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services.

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As Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we ensure a flawless usage of the Atlassian products of our customers. We are experts regarding the whole Atlassian portfolio.

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