We have planned, organised and exchanged ideas for a long time to turn our first Scandio SWEE conference into a true celebration of innovative lectures, exciting workshops and a great office warming party. And what can you say about last Thursday? It was amazing! This was not only due to a dedicated Scandio team and grandiose speakers, but also to the large number of guests. Already at the event we could be happy about compliments and also afterwards we only heard good things. That cries out for a repeat next year!

In this blog post we would like to give you a little insight what we experienced on this day.

With the term SWEE, Scandio has been linking many great experiences for some years now, starting with hikes, whiskey tastings and up to games evenings, because originally the abbreviation meant: the Super-Wiesn-Ersatz-Event. This format was created by the two Scandio founders Christian and Christoph, after the annual Scandio Wiesn table became almost a bit boring. Now it’s every year anew: We experience a cool event together with everyone on one day in October. This year we wanted to open our doors for external guests and partners to show what a great team is behind the name Scandio. Since we moved into our new office in Munich in July, the Office-Warming-Party was also included in the planning.

The presentations

After the planning was done, we had the great pleasure of creating an agenda that benefited everyone. The result was a colorful program in two parallel streams with very different topics in the technical, but also in the non-technical area. Among others we could invite Aileen Leonhardt (Channel Manager at Atlassian) to the topic “Atlassian Insight: Onboarding with Confluence and Trello” and Stefan Kleineikenscheidt (CEO of K15t) to the topic “The New Work Evolution at K15t”. Both topics dealt with the New Work philosophy and how it is currently used in practice. More technical were the presentations of Dr.-Ing. Martin Weißbach (Scandio) with “Go and Kubernetes for a scalable and highly available distributed Cloud Application” and the talk “Cloud Migration and A Wet Norwegian” by New Relic, both with a lot of information about the topic Cloud.

Scandio Box
Christian Koch

The conference was completed by two ingenious workshop formats. First, with Sven Schatter (Scandio) from the Scandio App team, visitors were able to develop their own Confluence Cloud app in no time at all. On the other hand there was an exciting Editing and Coding Challenge by Marius Ritter (Scandio) and Joschka Rinke (Scandio) for everyone who wanted to keep his head and fingers fit.

Coding Battle

As a final presentation Christian Koch (Scandio) showed the Do’s and Don’ts that occur when self-organized teams are introduced in companies. Scandio has been on the road to self-organization for about three and a half years and feels well prepared for the demands of the projects of the future.

The grand finale: Our office warming party

New office, a lot of space and a view from the fourth floor - slowly the interior design of our new office in the east of Munich takes shape and therefore we were very proud to give all our guests a little tour at the Office Warming Party. Besides a delicious catering and an open bar, there were of course also many great conversations and wild table football challenges.

Warming Party

Now that the event is a few days ago, we can proudly say that we had a great day with great guests. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all presenters, organisers and guests once again and hope that next year we will again find an extraordinary idea for our SWEE event. So you can be very excited!