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Our comprehensive and open training concept offers ongoing basic and advanced courses for Atlassian products and Kubernetes topics.

Atlassian Jira


In this course, you will learn how Jira is structured and play out exercises the most important tasks and functional processes. In a pre-configured JIRA instance scenarios, you will take on different roles and learn who performs which task in JIRA and how. After this course, you will know the main features of Jira and be able to use them confidently in the workplace.

  • 📎

    Creating and managing tasks

  • 🚀

    Working with workflows

  • 🔎

    Search function and filters

  • 📊

    Dashboards & reporting

Atlassian Confluence


All important features of Confluence in one day! You will learn how to create content and to work with images and attachments. In a pre-configured Confluence instance, you will take different roles, work and get to know the collaborative side of Confluence.

  • ✍️

    Creating content, images, attachments

  • 🤝

    Social aspects of the tool

  • 🗂️

    Create and manage areas

  • ⚙️

    Using macros and add-ons

Jira Administration

In this 2 days training, you will learn how to set up and configure a Jira instance. The objective is to allow you to practice in a realistic environment with practical exercises and best practices. Precisely because Jira offers multiples customizations, it is important to understand in your own environment what makes sense and what does not. We will explain to you the respective advantages and disadvantages for each situation.

  • ⚙️

    Configure system and projects

  • 👥

    Setting up users, groups and permissions

  • 🎨

    Adapt the user interface (issue types, fields, screens)

  • ✍️

    Optimize workflows

This training is a good preparation for any Jira Admin certification (e.g.: ACP-610, ACP-120, ...)

Atlassian Cloud

The future lies in the cloud. Therefore, in addition to our on-premise product trainings, we already offer a Confluence Cloud training. Soon there will also be a Jira Cloud training for you! If you are interested, please contact us at and secure one of the first cloud trainings. We look forward to seeing you.

Atlassian Cloud Specialized Atlassian ITSM Specialized

We are Kubermatic partners and do not leave you alone when it comes to Kubernetes. Do you have questions about Kubernetes? Or are you interested in training? We are happy to support you with our expertise.

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