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At Scandio we understand your needs for efficient process management. Our continuous approach for optimizing business processes leads to improved business results in the long term. Find out more about how we can help you optimize your processes and advance your business.

Business Process Platform: Optimize the workflows in your company

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    In today's world, efficiency is the key to success. Companies are faced with the challenge of optimizing work processes in order to remain competitive and advance innovatively. The integrated solution of a business process platform makes it possible to model, automate, and ultimately optimize business processes.

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    A business process platform is a central platform on which the company and employees can track, monitor and improve various tasks and processes.

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    At the same time, it makes it easier for companies to meet compliance requirements and minimize risks by simplifying and monitoring compliance with regulations and guidelines.

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    A business process platform is a powerful tool that automates processes, creates transparency and enables flexibility.

Challenges in companies

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    Ambiguity & complexity: Inefficient, unclearly defined processes lead to unnecessary redundancies and complexity.

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    Lack of opportunities for improvement: There is a lack of tools to analyze processes as best as possible and lack of opportunities to improve them on a regular basis.

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    Time and cost pressure: Pressure from management regarding time and costs - also with regard to existing solutions.

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    Non-compliance with requirements & legal consequences: Delays and non-compliance with requirements and corresponding deadlines lead to legal consequences.

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    Unstable team compositions: Staff rotations and unstable team compositions influence efficiency and can lead to unclear responsibilities.

Our solution for you

We at Scandio offer you a comprehensive solution for efficient process management:

  • Cost-effective standalone application or integration in Confluence: Choose the solution that suits you best.

  • Improved quality and transparency: Clear process descriptions lead to better quality for customers and partners.

  • Simplification and standardization of processes: Reduction of redundancies and standardization of business processes.

  • Single Source of Truth for Audits: Centralized documentation and transparency for audits.

  • Adaptability and agility: Highly customizable solution that meets the changing needs of your business without incurring high licensing costs.

Our offer for you

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    Requirements analysis: Design and document processes globally more efficiently, taking local requirements into account.

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    MVP development: Quick implementation of a minimum viable product (MVP) within a maximum of 12 weeks.

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    Industry-leading security: We attach great importance to the security of your data and devices and implement the latest security standards and compliance requirements.

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    Maximum flexibility: Our solutions are scalable and adaptable to evolve and grow with your business.

Our success speaks for itself

Check out how we have helped other businesses:

Bosch QMS

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    Unification of all Bosch Mobility business processes and achieving a higher quality standard.

BSH OrgDoku

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    Legal certainty and auditability of all business processes for over 13 years.

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