We make you ready for the cloud.

Reliable, scalable and innovative.

Supported by our partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and other leading cloud providers, we offer customized solutions for your needs. Be it hybrid, multi-cloud or private cloud: with DevOps best practices and agile methodologies, our teams develop customized cloud architectures that fit your needs. With container technologies such as Kubernetes, we automate recurring processes and create innovative infrastructures.

Who needs a server anyway?

AWS - Since 2013, we have been supporting our customers with our experience as an AWS partner for all existing services. From planning an S3 bucket to operating a global IoT microservice environment with hundreds of CPUs - we know how to implement your requirements.

Azure - Multi Cloud is our passion - therefore we also support you as a Microsoft Azure Partner in all matters concerning the cloud and help you find the right provider.

Kubernetes - From Docker up to a highly scalable K8s cluster: Container form the basis of all hybrid models and the multi-cloud approach. We build your virtual server landscape, be it with OpenShift in your own infrastructure or a solution that unites multiple cloud providers.

The future is in the cloud!

Make sure your teams stay productive and benefit from the advantages of the cloud.


    No alert? No problem! Enjoy high availability through contractually secured SLAs and incident response strategies.


    Don't worry about Black Friday! Run your applications in an automatically scaling environment and don't worry about sudden changes in load and traffic.


    Always work with the latest version - automated updates minimize error proneness and downtime.


    No high investments for infrastructure construction - you only pay for the migration service and the provision in a pay-per-use model. Scale according to your needs and only purchase the services that are really required.


    Guaranteed protection of your infrastructure through shared responsibility. Define external and internal security standards and choose the right services for your compliance requirements.

You say what. We know how!

  • From Lift and Shift to Cloud-native - Implementation of your Cloud Migration

    Re-Host | Re-Platform | Re-Purchase | Refactor | Retire | Retain

  • Development of Multi-Cloud Architectures


  • Cloud-native Development
    • Serverless
    • Lambda | Azure Functions | KNative
    • DynamoDB | CosmosDB
    • S3 | Azure Blob Storage
    • Fargate
    • Auto Scaling Deployments
  • DevOps-Engineering & Consulting
    • Pipelining mechanisms | Artifact management
    • GitLab | GitHub | Bitbucket | JFrog | Nexus | Jenkins
    • CI/CD | Infrastructure as Code
  • Orchestration & Automation of your Infrastructure and Software Deployments
    • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, CloudFormation)
    • Configuration as Code (Ansible)
    • GitOps Deployments (ArgoCD, FluxCD)
  • Introduction of Kubernetes
    • OpenShift | EKS | AKS
    • Helm
    • FluxCD | ArgoCD
    • Rook Ceph | Longhorn
  • Observability & Site Reliability Engineering
    • Logging | Monitoring | Tracing
    • Elastic Stack | Fluentd
    • Jaeger
    • Prometheus | Loki | Grafana
    • Cortex
    • New Relic | Data Dog

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Atlassian Cloud


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Successful projects that demonstrate our capabilities better than anything else.

Agility on Scale - Atlassian Data Center in the AWS Cloud

Scandio is both Atlassian Platinum and AWS Consulting Partner with a solid experience in delivering Atlassian Data Center solutions preferably in the AWS Public Cloud. Together with the internal team of the BMW Group we took responsibility for the migration of the Atlassian toolstack to the AWS Cloud. The result of the migration is an extremely stable system with a significantly reduced response time.

Atlassian on AWS - Thr Atlassian Stack in the AWS Cloud

The decision to host an IT system in an independently managed environment on site or in an environment operated by a service provider is not easy for many IT decision makers. This whitepaper deals with the operation of the Atlassian Stack in the AWS Cloud at the BMW Group and is intended to provide a holistic overview for all those faced with this decision.

Cloud Backup - Marco Polo and the Cloud

Marc O'Polo is the largest Atlassian cloud customer in Germany and uses Confluence as intranet system, as well as Jira for project management and Jira Service Desk for service desk management. The Atlassian Cloud is Atlassian's hosted service. Unfortunately, the service does not provide a fully automated backup solution that the user can access, which is a necessity for enterprise customers like Marc O'Polo.