We digitize your organisation.

We analyze your systems and advise you on the conception and management of your projects to make your company future-proof.

Digitization is our passion! We analyze your systems and advise you on the conception and management of your projects to make your company future-proof. From designing your cloud architecture to consulting on agile methods such as Srcum, Kanban or SAFe all the way to migration to the Atlassian Cloud.

IT Consulting

Atlassian Consulting

  • Knowledge Management & Collaboration with Confluence

    We design and plan your digital workplace, provide support during implementation and increase your company's productivity with modern collaboration tool such as Confluence and Jira.

  • Project Management with Jira Software

    We pave the way to modern project management. We implement Jira Software and additional apps from the Atlassian Marketplace and integrate it into your existing IT landscape.

  • Service Management with Jira Service Management

    Make your processes more transparent, faster and smarter with Jira Service Management. Improve your customer support with automated workflows and strong documentation.

  • Cloud Migrations

    Take the big step and enter the cloud! We support you with planning, migrating and launching your on-premise tools into the Atlassian Cloud.

Architecture and Conception

  • Software Architecture

    You are looking for professional advice on the design and validation of modern software architectures? Our consultants are happy to support you and provide a helpful second perspective.

  • Cloud Architecture

    We make you ready for the cloud and consult you on everything you need to know about migrating your IT infrastructure. Hybrid Cloud, Multi Cloud or Private Cloud - we will find the right solution.

  • UX / Design

    With our expertise in design, we ensure that your web and mobile applications impress with ease of use and intuitive software.

  • Requirements Engineering

    Quality depends on the right requirements. With a methodical approach and in-depth experience, we find the setup that suits you best.

Data Science Consulting

  • ๐Ÿš€

    We will give you an overview of your available data sources.

  • โ˜๏ธ

    Make the most of your data! We combine your data sources and transform them into the proper format for analysis. To gain the most beneficial insights, we will identify the best frameworks and cloud services for this task.

  • ๐Ÿ’ป

    Generate relevant results and optimize your business with an efficient data analysis platform.

Agile Consulting

You want to work agile but donโ€™t know where to start?

  • Scrum Mastery

    See faster results through efficient teams - our Scrum Masters support you in optimizing. your processes.

  • Proxy Product Owner

    Our Proxy POs support and coach your Product Owners in methodological issues.

  • Agile Coaching

    We introduce your teams to the agile way of working with established best practices.

  • Method Consulting

    We help you understand Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and more and choose the right set-up for your teams. We then support you during the process and the following steps.

  • Trainings, Workshops & Events

    With workshops tailored to your needs, we teach you Scrum and agile methods or host your agile event (e.g. Open Space).


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Successful projects that demonstrate our capabilities better than anything else.

  • 2023

    IU Internationale Hochschule

    With a good 100,000 students, an efficient enrollment system is essential. To further improve it, IU was looking for a convincing test management solution and chose Xray. With the help of Scandio, the university was able to successfully set up the tool and has been using it optimally ever since.
  • 2022


    The traditional Augsburg-based company GRANDEL is internationally known for its premium beauty and health products. Together with Scandio, GRANDEL is making its company future-proof: migrating Atlassian solutions from the server to the cloud.
  • 2022

    BEMER Int. AG

    The medical technology company BEMER consistently relies on a digital setup to support customer inquiries. The automation of the help desk functions through ScriptRunner for Jira ensures a significant increase in efficiency in ticket processing - and thus for even more satisfied customers.
  • 2021

    SupplyOn AG

    With Scandio's support, SupplyOn AG introduces Jira Service Desk as its global customer help desk. SupplyOn's service desk agents can now process a six-digit number of tickets per year.
  • 2021

    Landbell Group

    Landbell Group migrates its Jira Server instance to the Atlassian Cloud. Scandio accompanies the entire process and integrates an existing customer portal into the cloud.
  • 2020


    Unicredit wants the agile change. Scandio advises and introduces the corresponding processes and tools.
  • 2020

    BMW AG

    BMW AG moves to the AWS Cloud. Since 2017, Scandio's consultants have been supporting BMW in the transition to "100% Agile". With more than 100,000 users, the agile tool chain can continue to grow in the cloud.
  • 2019

    BMW CarIT

    BMW CarIT migrates a data center to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Scandio consultants are leading the project.
  • 2019


    Carmeq is using Scandio's expertise to develop an application for managing and planning self-organised teams.
  • 2019


    Transporeon introduces Jira Service Desk and automates customer and partner communication worldwide.
  • 2018

    Siemens AG

    Siemens AG's global project management process is now implemented in Confluence and Jira. The planning data from third party systems are integrated. The worldwide rollout is planned.
  • 2018

    Marc O'Polo

    Marc O'Polo now operates the entire collaboration including intranet and service desk in the Atlassian Cloud with 2,000 employees. No problem thanks to the Scandio consultants!
  • 2016

    Bemer Group

    The Bemer Group completely eliminates phone and fax and now serves 5,000 distributors and many thousands of customers through Jira Service Desk. The degree of automation is 85%.
  • 2015


    Infineon is working with Scandio consultants to develop a system for documenting all technical products in the DITA standard.
  • 2011
    We digitalize the policy system of a corporation with Atlassian Confluence. 54,000 employees, 40 locations, 26 languages, all processes are digital and automated.