In a world of connected systems, our ambition is to realise great solutions for your digital vision.

We offer full responsibility. From web applications to microservices, mobile development and IoT - our teams cover every aspect of agile software development.

We support you from the planning stage to the implementation of your project and take care of the rollout in the cloud - no matter how complex or extensive your technical endeavour may be.

Software Development

We design your web application, plan your microservice architecture and take care of the rollout of your solution. Our mindset: Cloud-first and serverless at best!

Web Development
  • 💻

    Development of modern applications using React, Angular and other frontend frameworks

  • ☁️

    Up to date backend architectures in the cloud with TypeScript, Python and many more

  • 🎨

    Concept, design and implementation of user interfaces for a modern user experience (UX)

  • 🔄

    Automatic builds and deployments with industry leading systems

  • 🔗

    Customer specific software development of microservices with REST APIs and GraphQL interfaces

  • ⚙️

    Diverse TechStacks based on Java, Kotlin, Python, Golang and TypeScript, preferrably cloud based

  • ☁️

    From monolith to microservice architecture, driven by Open Source and Cloud Native technology

AI, Machine Learning & Data Science

Understanding results is the real challenge.

We cover the complete life cycle of your project: from processing your data and the initial model development to training and the deployment in the cloud.

  • Data Processing

    For long-term storage and further analyzing of your data, we build cloud-based data processing pipelines.

  • Modelling

    With machine learning and models, we optimize your processes and create a data-based service to help you gain insights into your data.

  • Training

    We create the right cloud environment for training the model and versioning the model files.

  • Deployment

    We not only set up the continuous delivery pipeline, but also design the model to ensure scalability and continuous evaluation of the model.

Mobile App Development

Mobile, modern and effective: Our experts for native and cross-platform development will create your individual mobile application for iOS or Android, based on microservices in the cloud. We also make sure you stay in touch by connecting your IoT devices to mobile applications.

  • Mobile UX Design

    One-stop shopping: Benefit from our experience in mobile software development in combination with our expertise in UX / user interface design.

  • Cross-Plattform Development

    React Native or Flutter instead? We evaluate the right technologies for your mulit-platform project and thus reduce parallel developments.

  • Mobile Devices

    Mobile devices and IoT devices with touchscreen applications are the drivers of digitization. We will provide your application at any time, on any medium.

We are agile!

We are passionate about the agile way of working and will provide the right team for your needs to succeed in your project:

Product Owner (Proxy) Product Owner
Scrum Master Scrum Master
Software Entwickler Agile Software Developer
Agile Consultant Agile Consultant

We support you in defining and pursuing the product vision, outlining the (MVP) scope, creating, prioritising and managing the product backlog throughout the product development, and managing stakeholders and their expectations.

We are experienced in guiding teams at any level of experience: Be it introducing Scrum to teams new to agile or improving processes in highly experienced teams. Our Scrum Masters run workshops, moderate and facilitate meetings, support POs and educate team members as well as stakeholders within the agile transition.

You've got the vision, we've got the people! We will provide the right team for your requirements: Front- and Backend-Development, App-Development, DevOps, UX/UI-Design and everything else your product development requires.

You are new to the agile environment? Our Scrum team advises you on all issues related to agile methodology and supports you in introducing the agile way of working to your company. More information about IT Consulting


You've got the vision, we've got the team! Don't hesitate and get in touch.

Successful projects that demonstrate our capabilities better than anything else.

  • 2021


    Scandio's agile developers are builiding a Corona stop-gap aid calculator for DIHK and handle support and operations with partial outsourcing to the Azure Cloud.
  • 2020

    BSH Home Appliances

    Based on sensor data, an oven networked in the cloud recognizes the degree of completion of the baked goods. This was made possible by the AWS-based AI implementation of Scandio.
  • 2020


    UniCredit wants the agile change. Scandio advises and introduces the corresponding processes and tools.
  • 2019


    Carmeq is using Scandio's expertise to develop an application for managing and planning self-organised teams.
  • 2018

    BSH Home Appliances

    Alexa, Google and Fitbit will be integrated into the home appliance API. Scandio provides the back-end development and integrations from a single source.
  • 2017

    Versicherungskammer Bayern (VKB)

    With Scandio, the Versicherungskammer Bayern (VKB) is building the first Kubernetes cluster for automation.
  • 2017

    BSH Home Appliances

    A dishwasher that automatically orders the salt, rinse aid and tabs before they go out. Scandio achieves this goal with a complete API development and integration.
  • 2016

    Bemer Group

    The Bemer Group completely eliminates phone and fax and now serves 5,000 distributors and many thousands of customers through Jira Service Desk. The degree of automation is 85%.
  • 2016

    BSH Home Appliances

    With our Cloud Microservices, millions of IoT devices will be provided with firmware and software updates in the future. Scandio's first intelligent software distribution is starting its work.
  • 2015


    Infineon is working with Scandio consultants to develop a system for documenting all technical products in the DITA standard.
  • 2015

    BSH Home Appliances

    The Content Delivery Repository of BSH Home Appliances supplies hundreds of thousands of devices and mobile apps with content and media. The implementation is carried out by Scandio's agile team.
  • 2014


    IWIS automates purchasing with a supplier portal from the Scandio development.
  • 2014


    The travel bookings of Carnival, Princess and Cunard are fully automated. 11,000 travel agencies and many thousands of private customers book their holidays without any manual steps including flight and payment.
  • 2013


    The yellow Langenscheidt dictionaries are searchable online in English and 54 other languages, thanks to Scandio technology.
  • 2010

    DIHK Berlin

    The DIHK Berlin commissions Scandio to develop a content repository for the comprehensive exchange of documents and information.
  • 2008


    With more than 90.000.000 requests, DHD24 is the largest user of Scandio's search engine technology.
  • 2007

    German National Library

    We support the German National Library in the digitalisation of content with search engine technology.
  • 2006

    Sparkasse und Bayerische Landesbank

    Sparkassen Informatik and Bayerische Landesbank automate content management processes with Scandio.
  • 2003
    Infineon, SSKM and IHK Munich are the first customers of Scandio. We are a bunch of techies who want more.