Management & Agile Consulting.

"One fits all" does not work - every organization has individual needs and requires individual solutions.


  • Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

    Your company management can use Lean principles to link corporate strategy with implementation and execution. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we are happy to advise you on suitable tools, such as Jira Align, Apptio Targetprocess or Agile Hive.

  • Program & Project Management
    Our experienced consultants support you in all types of projects.
    • Agile value-added driven projects
    • Classic phase-oriented projects
    • Or hybrids - i.e. classic projects with agile approaches and methods
  • IT & Business Process Management

    We are happy to advise you with best practices from the ITSM world and software development (CI/CD). Our conviction? Only lean and simple processes can really be lived and thus lead to assured consistent quality.

  • Distributed Work

    We support you in removing hurdles. Collaboration can only be promoted by eliminating scattered work. With tools such as the ticket system Jira, the documentation platform Confluence or the collaboration tool Miro, distributed teams can work together and creatively on solutions.

  • Adaptation and change management

    The real challenge is that the change must be lived in the long term and all employees must first be picked up where they stand personally. We provide methodical support and advice on how to make the best possible use of synergies in a change project.

  • Scaling

    Every successful pilot project must eventually be extended to the rest of the organization. We support and advise you in scaling tools, processes and working methods to further organizational areas or locations. Our expertise is especially in scaling agile frameworks such as SAFe, Scrum of Scrums, LeSS or Nexus.

Regardless of small or large adjustments, we support your management in organizational development across all flight levels.

We want to understand how you work and what the vision of your company is. Our experienced consultants advise you on best practices and tools and always keep the vision in mind.

With us at your side, you have a strong partner for all organizational, structural and process-related issues.


In a rapidly changing world, an organization's agility, along with digitalization, is one of the most important keys to not being displaced by disruptive innovations.

By working in a customer-centric way and keeping a constant eye on the market, the strategy can be adjusted at an early stage.

We support you in introducing and living proven frameworks such as Scrum - or a suitable scaling of it - in order to stay one step ahead of the competition or even develop a disruptive innovation yourself.

Agile Consulting
  • Hands on support
    We support teams in the implementation of agile projects and transformations through experienced
    • Scrum Master
    • Agile Coaches
    • Product Owner
    • Developer
    • Our certified consultants (e.g. SAFe Program Consultant - SPC) support you in mastering even more specific challenges
  • Hands on support +

    Particularly successful has been hiring entire product teams, which is in line with our holistic service beliefs.

  • Trainings
    We offer practical and descriptive trainings, which we can adapt to the specific situation of the participants, e.g.
    • Agiles Training
    • Scrum/Kanban introduction
    • Basic principles Product Ownership
  • Coaching
    We coach teams or even individual employees so that they can develop their full potential in their role in the agile environment. This can happen in different situations and for different roles:
    • Scrum Masters who face particular challenges.
    • Product Owners who are working in this role for the first time.
    • Development teams venturing into agile for the first time.
    • Business teams, for whom agile puzzle pieces can be used as a tool when building team structures and cultures.
  • Agile Scaling
    We help companies scale agilely as their organizations grow.
    • Our certified consultants support the selection of the right framework for the respective situation, e.g. LeSS, Scrum of Scrums, Nexus or SAFe.
    • We accompany and support the introduction of (scaled) agile frameworks.
    • We provide complete teams in scaled agile setups.
    • We help you select and implement the best possible tools for scaled setups, e.g. Atlassian Tools, Miro, ...