Header - Cross-cutting concerns for microservice architectures



Cross-cutting concerns for microservice architectures - part 1
💡Microservices are a design pattern in software architecture that aims to shorten communication paths through smaller teams and more focussed responsibilities, thereby reducing time-to-market. The basic ideas behind microservices go back to the Unix principles formulated by Doug McIlroy¹ in 1978. According to him, programmes should be designed in such a way that they … ... have exactly one responsibility and fulfill it well, ... can be nested...
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The Future of MLOps: Embracing Trends and Conquering Challenges
Machine learning (ML) has witnessed explosive growth in recent years. As organizations increasingly leverage Machine Learning models to drive business value, the need for robust Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) practices has become paramount. MLOps encompasses the tools and processes required to manage the entire lifecycle of Machine Learning efficiently, from data acquisition, data processing, and model training to deployment, monitoring, and governance. In the following,...
Header: Business Process Platform - from chaos to order



From chaos to order: our individualized platform for process optimization
In a world that is constantly evolving and changing, it is crucial that a company’s processes are optimized. For companies, implementing a Business Process Platform (BPP) offers an effective solution to streamline business processes and increase competitive advantages. Take your business to a new level! The importance of process optimization Process optimization means that the existing processes in the company are analyzed and specifically...
Fit for the future with our individualized Connectivity Platform



Fit for the future with our individualized Connectivity Platform
Get your company ready for the future: Discover the advantages of our connectivity platform. In an increasingly connected world, it is essential for companies to keep up with the latest technologies to remain competitive. Our connectivity platform offers you the opportunity to transform your business and take your products and services to a completely new level. Connectivity fundamentally describes the ability of devices to connect...
Atlassian Team '24 - we were there



Atlassian Team ‘24 - we were there
… at the biggest and most important Atlassian event of the year in Las Vegas! The Atlassian community of professionals gathered in Las Vegas from April 30th until May 2nd for this must-attend meeting for Atlassian users, partners, administrators and developers. This event is a must for everyone involved in the world of Atlassian. In addition to insightful workshops, inspiring keynotes and valuable networking opportunities, the...
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Atlassian Intelligence - more power for Atlassian products



Atlassian Intelligence - more power for Atlassian products
Artificial intelligence (=AI) is one of THE current buzzwords and influences almost every area of our everday lives. As a branch of IT and due to the digitalization in recent years, AI has developed into a very lively product....
Why it's worth taking part in the Atlassian Community Events in Munich



Why it's worth taking part in the Atlassian Community Events in Munich
The ACE's in Munich are going into the next round! Today we want to introduce you to what the Atlassian Community Events are, how you can take part in them and why you should be there. What is the Atlassian Community? With over 4 million participants worldwide, it forms a global network of people who are passionate about working on new ways of working and...
Scandio Junior Open Tennis Tournament 2023



Pledge 1%: Scandio Junior Open 2023
Since 2017, we've been dedicated to social engagement and take pride in supporting the Pledge 1% [] initiative. This initiative was established in 2014 by Atlassian, Salesforce, and Rally with the aim of donating 1 percent of revenue, work hours, or a product to a charitable cause. At Scandio, our commitment has materialized as "1% time," allowing every employee the opportunity to devote...
Spotify Model Blogpost



Spotify Model in a nutshell
If I ask you if you have ever heard of Spotify, I'm sure your answer will be "Yeah sure, who doesn't know Spotify?". Spotify is known to most of us, because we use the audio streaming service to listen to music, podcasts or audio books. Spotify accompanies us as an app on our mobile phones in our free time, on the way to work, in...
BMC - more than a boring business model



BMC - more than a boring business model
In this blogpost, I will explain to you that the Business Model Canvas is NOT just a boring theory and how it can help you in your professional life....