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You are looking for new and innovative business areas for your company to tap in to? Scandio is at your side to evaluate the benefits of IoT for you, exploit the full potential of your smart devices and ensure seamless connectivity.

Connectivity Platform: the base of smart devices

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    A connectivity platform forms the technological framework of an IoT ecosystem, enabling your devices to connect and communicate with each other - no matter, where you are. Network connections allow your devices to easily interact with each other, allowing you to automate processes, identify inefficiencies and collect information. We take care of the perfect platform for your company and the appropriate, complementary features.

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    Possible areas of application for a connectivity platform include wireless firmware updates, wireless device control, identifying and using new information and marketing channels or viewing usage data according to gdpr regulations.

Challenges in companies

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    Lack of direct customer contact: The customer contact point is reduced to maintenance and/or repair appointments. There is no access to user behavior.

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    Lack of customer loyalty: Due to the lack of access to the relevant customer data, no loyalty can be built with the customer.

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    Standard functionality: Most IT systems are equipped with standard functions and are therefore not scalable or customizable.

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    Cost pressure: High operating costs for existing systems without the necessary adjustments put a strain on the company.

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    Increasing pressure to be competitive: The increasing price war and the growing shortage of skilled workers.

Our solution for you

  • Custom IoT solutions: We work closely with our customers to develop customized IoT solutions that are tailored precisely to their individual needs. We support you with our expertise and ensure that access to the customer is possible.

  • IoT Connectivitiy Platform: A secure and scalable connectivitiy platform forms the backbone for your IoT applications. We therefore offer you a solution that suits your requirements and enables your devices to be exchanged safely and cost-effectively.

  • Over-the-air firmware and feature updates: With our solution you can update IoT devices anytime, anywhere. This means your device always stay up to date and are regularly updated in accordance with the Cyberresilience Act and additional regulations.

Our offer for you

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    Direct customer contact: We offer you direct access to our experts to ensure your needs and expectations are met.

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    End-to-end partnership: We are your reliable partner for the entire lifespan of your IoT solution - from planning and development to operation and maintenance.

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    Maximum flexibility: Our solutions are scalable and adaptable to evolve and grow with your business.

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    Industry-leading security: We prioritize the security of your data and devices and implement the latest security standards and best practices.

Our success speaks for itself

Check out how we've helped other businesses:

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    Software for the leading manufacturer of solar mounting systems for evaluating and visualizing tracker data in the cloud.

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