Welcome to an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Scandio office in Berlin! Today, we would like to introduce the dedicated individuals who give their best here every day, share their highlights of the office area, and reveal some interesting office rituals. And all of this with the focus on guaranteeing success by programming the desired code for our customers and partners at the end of the day!

The Scandio team in Berlin is a diverse group with different backgrounds and responsibilities. And that's exactly what we want to showcase today. We conducted an interview with our Berlin team to find out more about them and how our techies tick. You can read all about it here.

For example, there's Florian, also known as "Flori." He is a software developer who has been with Scandio since August 2021. He is a true all-rounder with a hands-on mentality and takes care of marketing, sales, office organization, recruiting, and much more. Alongside Flori, we have René, who started at Scandio almost at the same time as Flori. René is the DevOps specialist and has a passion for board games and self-fermented beverages. Michael, our data scientist and software developer, joined the team in March 2023 and is responsible for cake supply management and screen lock cybersecurity. Philipp and Benjamin are also software developers at Scandio, with Philipp being responsible for recruiting, onboarding, and project dispatching. Additionally, we have Gunnar, another software developer who joined the team in January 2023. He works in the OEM team for a major German household appliance manufacturer and is also part of the office team. It may sound unusual for techies, right? A diverse group of coding talents with a good sense of humor and creativity. At Scandio, coding is not just coding. We embrace and love the diversity and commitment of each individual, no matter where their strengths lie!

But why are we sharing all this with you today? It's simple!

The Scandio office in Berlin has been in existence since November 2022 and is relatively young compared to our other locations. The address' name (Sonnenallee 223a, 12059 Berlin) says it all, because when our techies are in the office, the atmosphere is always sunny! And while you can hear the keystrokes of the techies coding from the fourth floor of the round building complex with a green courtyard right next to the Neuköllner Schifffahrtskanal, the view and location of the office impresses many visitors. And what's particularly convenient is that our office is often the perfect starting point for our Scandios even after work, as it has good access to the Ringbahn, which is quite practical.

But what are the favorite spots of our Berlin Scandios in and around the office?

Flori particularly appreciates the proximity to the Ringbahn, the spacious and airy office space, and the "hands-on" atmosphere that promotes openness and idea exchange. Michael is thrilled with the various rooms in the office that are suitable for every occasion. The kitchen and the telephone booth with a window are preferred hangout spots for our Scandios. Ben especially enjoys the company of the team, which is regularly present in the office.

But with so much sunshine, aren't there any downsides for the sake of authenticity? Of course, there are, because let's be honest, without rain there ain't no sunshine!

For example, there's the love-hate relationship with the proximity to the Ringbahn, which can be both a blessing and a curse for some. The topic of bicycles vs. cars also sparks many discussions among the Berlin team! And there's also the ongoing construction site in front of the office building, but our techie Gunnar already has a solution for that.

Yes, our techies are indeed diverse and creative. #weloveit

But what are the office highlights that cannot be missed in any given week?

There's, for example, dining at Babu, an Indian restaurant, the weekly company call, the monthly meetup, and the shared system demonstrations. And as a Munich native, one would think that the "Friday-Weißwurst-breakfast" only happens in Munich, but far from it. Thanks to our delivery service, we do not have to miss out on it in Berlin either. And speaking of culinary highlights, the specially established screen lock cybersecurity unit takes care of regular cake tasting. If you forget to lock your screen when leaving your desk, you get to try your hand at baking a cake for the team.

And now, let's be honest! If our Berlin Scandios had one wish, what would it be?

From a techie tinkering corner with various gadgets like Raspberry Pis, a robotic arm, and a 3D printer to more lush greenery in the office, all wishes are represented here. When techies dream...

And where do our Scandios go when they have to leave the office? There is a clear favorite. The pizza at "Das Pi" is highly regarded.

As you can see, at Scandio, the office is not just an office. It's a place of collaboration, creativity, and community. With its diverse team, special office rituals, and the individual preferences of each employee, it's a place where ideas flow, and everyone feels comfortable. #simplyscandio