Atlassian announced significant changes to its licensing model. The success of the Atlassian Cloud and the enormous growth of the local Atlassian Data Center range will ensure that the server product range will be taken off the market until February 2024.

From February 2021, license sales for server products will be discontinued, and from February 2022 there will be no more renewals. Finally, support will completely expire as of February 2024. This will be accompanied by a price increase for data center licenses starting February 2021.

As this will affect many of our customers, we would like to show what this means in each case and provide advice and support.


You are…

Server Customer

  • New purchases are no longer possible after February 2021, upgrades can be booked until 2022 and renewals until 2024.
  • Check the possibility of switching to data center or cloud in a timely manner.
  • Book a free, virtual consultation appointment with us. We are happy to help!
  • Together we will bring you into the cloud - securely and without data loss.

Data Center Customer

  • We approach you to carry out an early renewal and save costs.
  • Data Center will be strengthened with new valuable features.
  • Due to the loyalty program for customers who purchase before Feb. 2021, you will save in subsequent years.
  • Our license professionals are available to answer all your questions at

Cloud Customer

  • You are on the safe side. No to-dos for you.

As Scandio has been an Atlassian Solution Partner since 2008, we are well aware that the challenges are greater for some companies and institutes than for others. So why not take advantage of Scandio’s experience? We have carried out countless migrations to data center and the cloud in recent years and can also advise you on data protection.

We are here for you and will find a suitable solution for your needs!

Take advantage of our offer and book an appointment with our sales professionals.