In December, our Scandio Report looks a little different than usual - it’s getting festive again! We asked our colleagues a few questions about the Christmas season and picked out the best answers. Ho Ho Ho!

Since there were hardly any Christmas markets this year - what did you miss most about them?

Mäxi: Nothing! If I go there at all it’s only for a cup of mulled wine, but otherwise I try to avoid it.

Lesya: Christmas mood only comes up with the Christmas markets, however, this year not so much. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is already around the corner!

Tini: Only mulled wine… and maybe some tasty food. I used to buy a lot of junk at Christmas markets, but I wouldn’t do that anymore.

Carina: So much! Raclette bread, chestnuts, roasted almonds, farmer’s doughnuts, mulled cider, baked apple punch…. I totally miss Christmas markets and to get some Christmas vibes!

Peter: Very little, mulled wine tastes just as good at home.

Jona: The scent.

Bene: Not that much… but the chestnuts simply taste better at the Christmas market.

Hannes: Christmas markets represent for me: drinking mulled wine until you start to like homemade things made of wood. I didn’t miss that.


Do you have any tips for the morning after the Christmas party?

Alex: Stay in bed.

Tini: I ask my pharmacist about the small pill with the great effect!

Christoph: Get up early - only the tough ones survive.

Isi: Stay in bed until noon and enjoy the leftovers, then go for a walk.

Unni: In case you have any meetings, play back pre-recorded videos (low-effort variant: glasses with open eyes!).

Florian: Drink half a liter of water with some magnesium, lemon and a pinch of salt before going to bed and you won’t need a tip in the morning.

Hannes: Prevent your boss friendly but determined from pouring the Jägermeister. Then the morning after won’t be so tough.

What are your plans for the quiet days between Christmas and New Years Eve?

Alex: Stay in bed.

Lesya: Sleeping in.

Christoph: Chill out, mountains and snow.

Christian: Playing games, family, sports and doing private stuff.

Isi: There’s quite a long list: A few movie marathons (Lord of the Rings and Matrix), bingeing TV shows, playing video games and I promised my boyfriend to play Diablo 2 with him.

Peter: Lots of rest, lots of food and lots of time to spend with my family.

Max: Cooking and gaming. I bought a steering wheel + pedals + clutch some time ago, super awesome!

Unni: The plan: Work off Christmas weight and read a book. Reality: Gambling and eating even more.

Bene: Skiing, sleeping in and eating lots of cheese fondue.

Liza: Visiting grandma & grandpa with the kids.


What’s your favorite treat to have in your Advent calendar?

Mäxi: Tea!

Tini: Marzipan.

Carina: Chocolate.

Isi: Preferably non-candy.

Peter: Chocolate.

Jona: Lego.

Florian: Tea or music.

Hannes: Thats’s been a long time ago. My mom once made me one with New Year’s Eve firecrackers. That was great!

Which movie should absolutely not be missing on any Christmas holiday?

Alex: The life of Brian.

Carina The extended version of Lord of the Rings. Let’s see if I can finish all of them again this year.

Peter: Not really a tradition, but once a year we’re watching the complete Sissi trilogy.

Max: Christmas Vacation.

Florian: Rise of the Guardians.

Bene: Home Alone / Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Liza: Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella, Pippi Langstrumpf & Michel from Lönneberga

Tom: Die Hard.

What’s your Christmas look - glamorous or rather casual?

Tini:  I actually never dressed fancy.

Mariusz: A button down shirt will have to do.

Christian: A little bit chic.

Carina + Isi:A bit fancier than usual.

Max: Home office has killed all my inhibitions. You will only meet me in my joggers.

Unni: I have some leggings with Santa Clauses on them….

Jona: Turtleneck and joggers.

Bene: Shirt, chinos and the cheesiest Christmas socks.

Liza: Stretchy.

Hannes: A button-down shirt is a must. Otherwise grandma will complain.


What has been your favorite Christmas present so far?

Mäxi: A Playstation 5 last year - apart from the fact that I’m still waiting….

Christian: It’s more about the people and the little surprises than about the things.

Carina: A photo puzzle from our vacation in Japan.

Max: My first PC when I was 14.

Florian: An edition of Don Quixote from the 1940s….

Bene: My first cell phone.

Liza: 1992 - a Gameboy.

Hannes: A Discman along with my first CD: “Chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water” by Limp Bizkit

Your tip for making sure Christmas Eve will not be a bust?

Mäxi: Make sure not to over eat when having raclette.

Tini: Elegantly avoiding delicate topics at the family table.

Christoph: Simply enjoy.

Christian:  Spread a lot of calmness until dinner.

Isi: Don’t have high expectations, the most important thing is to spend time with the family.

Jona: Just take time.

Florian: Just switch off and enjoy, Christmas is not an appointment.

Do you prefer a snowy Christmas at home or would you rather celebrate it somewhere else?

Tini:  Definitely at home. But then it really has to be snowy!

Christian: If my loved ones would come along I would like to be somewhere else for sure.

Carina + Isi + Bene: At home!

Peter: Doesn’t matter, as long as the people who are dearest to me are with me.

Max: Where the family drags you.

Unni + Alex: At home!

Dong: I would like to visit my family in China, but It’s difficult to get a flight ticket and to plan two months time, because there are several quarantines to be kept.

Scandio wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and good start to the New Year 2022!Stay healthy and see you soon!

Frohe Weihnachten