For more than 18 years, Scandio has been consulting companies about digitization and carrying out successful projects in the areas of IT consulting, software development and cloud & systems engineering. Happy customers = happy employees! Or rather: happy employees = happy customers? Because we can agree: the success of a company always depends on the well-being of its employees.

Right from the beginning, when we were still a small bunch of tech nerds, values like diversity and transparency were put into practice at Scandio. We simply wanted to develop great technologies, so everyone had a part in that! However, with the growth of the past few years, we now feel the time has come to incorporate our values and principles deeper into our company culture and to communicate them to all new Scandians. Over time, our ethical principles became a diverse moral compass to proactively boost our positive work climate. We are convinced: only through diversity and open communication, ideas can emerge and grow.

More Than Just a Rainbow

In June, “diversity” was on everyone’s lips due to “Pride Month,” which was particularly widespread on social media. Major brands dressed up their social media presence with colourful rainbow flags and promoted Pride and Diversity within their companies. “Sure, we’ll join in on that too!” we thought to ourselves. But instead of just posting a one-off post, and after a lot of thought and internal discussion, we decided to come up with something sustainable that would last beyond the month of June.


During this process, we realized that Scandians were concerned about other ethical issues and discussions in addition to diversity, so we established an internal “Ethics CoP” (Community of Practice). We made it our mission to define our values more precisely and to anchor them in our corporate culture. We’re also involved in the evaluation of future customer projects and are developing an ethical guideline for this purpose. Although we’re only taking the first steps in this project, this has already earned us the nickname “moral apostles” ;)

In addition, the CoP provides a point of contact, anonymous if desired, for all employees seeking advice or assistance on moral and ethical issues within Scandio.

Pledge 1%  
Since social commitment is close to our hearts, we have been participating in the Pledge 1% movement since 2017 and donate 1% of our working hours to charitable projects every year. Here you can read where we have already lent a hand!

Our Values “In A Nutshell”

To sum it up: We are a tolerant, liberal and diverse community. We act according to these basic principles every day, whether in the recruitment and onboarding of new employees, in daily contact with our customers, or at joint company events.

We believe that diversity, social and cultural variety, the exchange among each other and the respect towards all people can promote a pleasant community and open-mindedness. This in turn helps each and every individual to expand their own perspectives and open up new ones.


In order to truly communicate our values and establish them in our corporate culture, it is equally important to discuss them and listen to different opinions - both internally and externally. Transparency plays an important role here, as does self-organization. Rigid regulations and hierarchies certainly won’t contribute to a positive atmosphere. At Scandio, everyone should feel completely at ease and have the opportunity to shape processes and structures.

Are you in line with our values? We are looking for open-minded people, maybe you're a match! Have a look at our job offers .

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