In large project teams, usually not all team members are equally informed about an absence. The Out-Of-Office Assistant App for Jira Cloud solves this problem by automatically notifying colleagues if, for example, a Jira Issue is assigned during an absence.

Jira-free Easter holidays!

Easter is just around the corner. People are looking forward to spending time with their families. The Easter eggs are already painted and the yeast plait baked. Before the chocolate eggs are hidden, there is one last thing to do… make an absence note for the colleagues and projects in Jira, but how?
Many companies, like our client Marc O’Polo, use Jira and Confluence as key tools for their digital strategy. The goal is to optimize cross-team and cross-functional collaboration.
However, there is one challenge: The calendars of the different teams and functions are not synchronized. For Jira every user is always available.

An example:

Out of Office

For this problem re:solution developed Out-Of-Office App for Jira Cloud.

Enjoy a Jira-free Easter with Out-Of-Office

Marc O’Polo has already used this app to prepare his teams for a stress-free Easter time. With this app, out-of-office rules can be set up for Jira, such as in Outlook.

Out of Office
Out-Of-Office rules for Jira
  • Selection of concrete vacation dates
  • Selection of corresponding projects via a drop-down menu
  • Selection of one or more substitutes for colleagues
  • Leave an out of office message

In addition, Out-Of-Office offers user administration for all team leaders. For a better overview certain projects can be selected and combined with different filters.

Out of Office
Various combinable filters

If necessary, these filters can be edited, of course in consultation with the team, or new filters can be added quite simply.

Our conclusion

We recommend the Out-Of-Office App for Jira Cloud from re:solution as a useful addition for every Jira Cloud environment. If you have any questions about starting your own Jira Cloud instance, we will be happy to support you!

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