Since Scandio became an autonomous part of the swedish HiQ Group, we not only teamed up with HiQ itself, but also had the chance to meet new companies and brands from the Nordics. And with our shared passion for digitization, we quickly made new friends in…  Frends!

So now we’re really exctied to introduce you to Finlands leading company in iPaaS development.

Frends was originally developed as a productized solution in 1988 for the Finnish industry and is now owned and developed by HiQ. The name “Frends” is an acronym that comes from its initial integration use case: To use dial-up modems to connect to every gas station in Finland and exchange data between the stations and a central IBM Mainframe. This resulted in the acronym Front End Dialing System: Frends

Nowadays, Frends develops the next generation of integration, automation and digitalization solutions. With Frends enterprise iPaaS, you can develop, manage and secure all API integrations and process automation within one powerful platform. Lean, low-code, and intuitive. Frends iPaaS is the choice for Digital Integration Hub and Hyperautomation.

What is an iPaaS?  
iPaaS is a platform that connects otherwise disjointed systems to deliver a unified solution to customers. It acts as a conduit for communication between multiple systems — allowing for integration and data sharing. iPaaS gives organizations unlimited potential, and as we deepen our cloud dependency, iPaaS becomes integral to nearly every business model.

With customers from various industries all over Scandinavia and their expertise in cloud computing and automation, we are confident to have found a strong partner for upcoming projects in the field of digitization and integration. Let us talk about your project!

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