Vegas Baby

Usually we say WHIVSIV (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas) but this time we will do an exception in order to inform you about all the great things that happened during Atlassian's annual flagship conference. Our Sales Team was present on-site and took the opportunity to meet all key people from the Atlassian Eco-System. They also brought a bunch of exciting product news and feature updates with them.

And by the way, something we can't stress enough: We are less than 300 days to the Atlassian Server End of life official date, that is why you can see all the great products News coming for Atlassian Cloud. A great time to think about Cloud and your migration path!

This year, TEAM'23 has been all about Cloud and TEAM WORK.

With the eagerly anticipated opening keynotes by Atlassian co-CEO Scott Farquhar and Academy Award-winning director James Cameron, Atlassian emphasized its DNA about Team Work and that this is only possible together and impossible alone. Which leads us to the New ATLASSIAN TOGETHER product Suite!

Transform teamwork with Atlassian Together

For teamwork, Atlassian offers a cloud-based suite of products  (Trello, Confluence, Jira Work Management, Atlas & Access)!

Atlassian Together enables:

  • reduces costs and complexities
  • Maximizes productivity, no matter where teams work
  • Build a better place to work
  • Bring business and software teams together

...starting at just $11/month/user.

BEACON: Intelligent threat detection, built for Atlassian cloud products

A full solution to detect, investigate, and respond to risky user activity across your Atlassian cloud products. If something sounds "suspicious" within your cloud environment... BEACON will inform you about it.

Early Access requests and more information available

Impossible alone, possible Together!

One of the Atlassian Core Value relies on TEAM WORK! For us, it is the same. We met a lot of ours partners in Las Vegas during this week and came back stronger. The Atlassian ecosystem is a mix of Atlassian Solution Partners, Marketplace App Vendors and Atlassian people, and it relies on cooperation and trust. And only if we work hand in hand, we can reach a lot together. Scandio is well-connected and in order to help our customers achieve their projects successfully, we rely on a huge Partner Network within the Atlassian environment. You have a"problem" let us connect to the right partner to solve our issue.

Feature Updates

Besides the product updates, Atlassian launched a couple of thrilling features such as Whiteboards for Confluence, Databases and as cherry on the top 'Atlassian Intelligence' - an AI-based virtual teammate making your daily work even more efficient.

Confluence whiteboards

Confluence pages have always been more than just text on a document. Teams display images, data, roadmaps, code, and more on pages. But in today’s dispersed-work environment, how we collaborate is evolving and growing more complex. So Confluence has introduced two new ways of working: whiteboards and databases.

Every project starts with an idea. And that idea is often brainstormed on a whiteboard (physical or online). But then what? How do you turn that idea into actionable plans where work happens, in Confluence and Jira?

Let us introduce whiteboards in Confluence. Built on the Atlassian platform, with deep integrations to Atlassian products, you can immediately turn those ideas into reality, all in one tool.

  • Brainstorm freely using sticky notes, shapes, stamps, stickers, timers, and a pen to come up with new ideas as a team
  • Transform ideas into deliverables when you convert sticky notes into any Jira Cloud issues and Confluence pages with just a click
  • Visualize all your work by bringing all your Jira issues into one view and add relationships between them, like when one issue is blocked by another; embed content from other products such as Figma or Loom with Smartlinks; and perform bulk actions quickly – assigning all Jira issues to one engineer or sprint, for example.

Atlassian believes their products work best when they connect to all tools your team uses. That’s why you can continue to connect popular 3rd-party whiteboard tools to Confluence, so your ideas stay close to your knowledge base.

Confluence databases

Teams have told Atlassian they want more structured ways to connect and track work in Confluence, without manual updates across multiple pages. Therefore, a second new type of content: Confluence databases. Atlassian has acquired Orderly Databases by K15t to bring databases natively into Confluence.

Databases are structured dynamic tables that help teams connect and organize information like Jira tasks, Confluence pages, owners, due dates, statuses, and more in one database table. Users can then reference an individual cell, row, or an entire table anywhere else in Confluence with real-time syncing. So your team is always connected with the most up-to-date information, automatically.

Imagine an HR team tracking multiple candidates throughout the interview process, marketing teams managing complex ad campaigns, sales leveraging the latest competitive intel, and IT coordinating employee equipment. When one teammate adds a new candidate, advertisement, competitor, or laptop to the database, it is updated everywhere.

Atlassian AI (this is the highlight!)

No matter what tools your teams used to get work done, the most effective teams will utilize AI, automation, and analytics to achieve those seemingly impossible goals. Through the Atlassian platform, the common technology foundation across all of our cloud products, we are adding these capabilities to Confluence to supercharge productivity and decision-making.

Accelerate your work with Atlassian Intelligence, your new virtual teammate. Here are just a few ways AI in Confluence helps your team work smarter:

Accelerate work: summarize call transcripts into action items, next steps, and key takeaways; jumpstart a first draft by pulling information from multiple Confluence pages; and change the tone of your writing.

Learn on the fly: Atlassian Intelligence provides your company’s unique institutional knowledge on-tap. Simply hover over terms to see a definition that reinforces team knowledge and understanding.

Answer anything: instead of having to wait on teammates for answers, Intelligence is your 24/7 virtual assistant that pulls information from your existing work to answer any questions you have.

We’re excited to help companies unlock their full potential with Atlassian Intelligence.

Confluence Automations

Automation for Confluence enables admins to manage content, organize spaces, and notify teams of important updates without the manual overhead. When admins create rules, Confluence automation works behind the scenes to complete routine functions that would otherwise have to be done manually. And you can use pre-built rule templates for popular Confluence actions.

For example, rules can automatically:

  • Send team updates on work progress
  • Remind people about incomplete tasks
  • Auto-archive outdated or inactive content
  • Auto-label or find-and-replace page labels

Atlassian Analytics (last but not least)

A way to bring all of your data into a single data lake with an analytics tool to help you gain insights into ways to improve efficiency. Now, as part of Cloud Enterprise plans, Atlassian Analytics is generally available.

You can use Atlassian Analytics to track key metrics and understand the usage of spaces, pages, and more.

  • Understand the big picture by connecting data across your multiple Atlassian tools
  • Distil signals from the noise
  • Make business-improving decisions

Here's to summarize all feature updates or "Making the impossible possible"

Teamwork is complicated and can feel downright impossible when it’s happening across multiple teams, time zones, and tools. Confluence is providing solutions to make collaboration easier, so teams can achieve what would be impossible alone.

  1. New ways of working. Your teams don’t have to start projects on pages any more – they can begin with ideas on a flexible unstructured whiteboard or add more structure at the start of work with databases.
  2. Streamline how work gets done. Automation and AI do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on the human part of work.
  3. Expand who you work with. Teams can bring in new external partners to collaborate with closely or share out their work with the world.

..... So we will be there next year, what about you ?!

Atlassian tools such as Jira and Confluence are used by agile teams in more than 200,000 companies worldwide. You, too, can benefit from these solutions!

As Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we support you with the digitization of your processes and cloud migration. Our services around Atlassian.