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Landbell Group

Provider of services and consulting for environmental and chemical compliance

Project Information:
| Jira Cloud Migration at Landbell Group
Technology | Jira Server & Cloud, Azure Active Directory

The challenge

Landbell Group has been working with a Jira Server instance (200 users) for some time and decided to migrate to the cloud, including the integration of an existing Bitbucket Cloud instance. Since the effort of a migration was not yet defined, Scandio was in charge of the required reviews on system, database and configuration level, as well as the subsequent migration. The success of a migration depends on various factors, including the number of users, the integration of an Active Directory and the degree of customization, which were previously evaluated and analyzed by Scandio's consultants.

The migration of the already existing plug-ins also marked a certain challenge, as the range of functions can differ between server and cloud, which is why an evaluation of the individual plug-ins had to be done in advance. The complexity of a successful migration is mainly due to the fact that a lot of legacy data and configurations of the plug-ins are not automatically transferred by the Atlassian Migration Assistent and have to be reworked manually. Therefore, a plan had to be prepared in advance as to which plug-ins could be migrated, followed by a proof of concepts. In the end, only Tempo Timesheets proved to be a somewhat greater challenge here, but this could be handled well thanks to the previous planning.

Our consultants were also involved in providing advice (not legal advice) on data security in the cloud and assisted with the data security impact assessment, which had been carried out by Landbell itself. Furthermore, a self-programmed customer service desk with its own ticket system was to be migrated to the cloud, and an Azure Active Directory connection was to be implemented by using Single Sign On.

The solution

To ensure an error-free migration and to keep the migration effort reasonable, it is recommended to clean up unnecessary data first. As part of a proof of concept, only a few Jira projects were migrated initially in order to test the planned migration strategy. The Jira projects were selected on the basis of the plug-ins used, in order to achieve a particularly valid effort estimate here. To do so, Scandio followed the migration paths provided by Atlassian and added established best practices. Part of the test migration involved performing user acceptance testing (UAT) so that end users could replicate everyday tasks and ensure they worked as expected. During the course of the test migration, specific issues could also be reworked and synchronization changes were made.

During the process of the test migration, a runbook or step-by-step checklist was compiled, in which a schedule and certain responsibilities were defined. In addition to the runbook, a disaster recovery plan was created to perform a rollback in case of complications. On the day of the migration the runbook described above was then used to guide users through the migration step by step.After the successful migration, which was thoroughly checked by extensive tests, the users were transferred to the new system and received additional admin training by Scandio consultants.

The integration of the existing Bitbucket Cloud and the connection of the in-house service desk web application also went smoothly. Scandio's developers made appropriate adjustments to the software and will continue to support the further development of the system in the future.

The project

Scandio provided three consultants for the migration project, which was carried out in a predictable period of time, from the initial meeting to the completion of the project. In general, the time required for a migration always depends on the number of apps to be migrated, as each app must be evaluated individually. In this case, only the migration of Tempo Timesheets required more planning.

The Scandio license team also assisted in the purchase of the appropriate license model and supported the upgrade of the existing server licenses to the corresponding cloud variant.

About Landbell

Landbell Group is a leading provider of services and consulting for international environmental and chemical compliance. Since 1995, the company has supported 25,000 customers in more than 40 countries in implementing their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and other product and packaging-related requirements. In addition, Landbell supports manufacturers and retailers as a competent partner on the way to circular economy.