Miro and Atlassian - Say Goodbye to Tool Overload

The number of tools and technologies that distributed development teams have to cope with is growing constantly. Most of them promise to optimize workflows and simplify collaboration. But this is exactly where the challenge begins: As the number of tools increases, work in hybrid teams becomes increasingly confusing. This "tool overflow" hinders creativity and productivity instead of promoting them. Coordinating complex tasks becomes more time-consuming instead of efficient, and the goal of a faster time to market becomes a distant prospect.

Maybe you're already using the right tools but you're not sure what value you can get out of them?

The integration of Miro's real-time visual collaboration with Atlassian's Jira Cloud provides a simple solution to this problem.

Keep Track - All Information in one Place

The biggest challenge for hybrid development teams is creating and maintaining a shared understanding of all the tasks involved in a project, from execution to successful completion.

The integration of Miro and Jira Cloud brings all elements of a project together in one place – and creates an overview for all stakeholders. By integrating Miro boards with Jira tickets, all stakeholders can find exactly what they are looking for – whether product owner or developer.

Time-consuming documentation is also a matter of the past: Your documentation is done without having to worry about the actual documentation – and everyone can contribute. By clearly displaying all the steps in one place, you can keep an eye on your team's progress at all times, transparently and without tool switching.

Source: Miro

Share your Miro context with your Jira team. Attach Miro boards to Jira issues to visualize your projects and provide an overview to all team members.

No more tool switching - work with Miro in Jira. View, edit, and comment on boards directly from Jira –without opening a new browser tab.

Keep all content up to date in both places. See changes and updates in both Jira and Miro, through bi-directional board synchronization.

Optimized tools, laid-back teams

You already work with Jira and Miro and enjoy the benefits of the cloud, but shy away of the effort of an integration? We can keep your mind at ease: everything you need can be found in the Atlassian or Miro Marketplace. Create your Miro account for free and get started right away – regardless of your Jira user count.

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and Miro Expert Partner, we support you in technically mapping even very complex collaboration structures and bridging the gap between idea and execution. By optimizing your tool landscape, you minimize delays and help your teams to communicate smoothly.

Want to get more out of your tools?

The Scandio consultants will be happy to advise you on

  • the technical integration and optimization of your systems.
  • best practices and use cases.
  • trainings and workshops for employees and stakeholders.

Get in touch with us and let's talk about your project.

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Together with experienced agile coaches and project managers, we will talk about successful ways and methods of agile software development.

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