Since 2017, we've been dedicated to social engagement and take pride in supporting the Pledge 1% initiative. This initiative was established in 2014 by Atlassian, Salesforce, and Rally with the aim of donating 1 percent of revenue, work hours, or a product to a charitable cause. At Scandio, our commitment has materialized as "1% time," allowing every employee the opportunity to devote working hours to a self-chosen social project.

And this year, we continue our commitment to do good.

Scandio Junior Tennis Tournament 2023

In 2022, our colleague Nadine in Stuttgart initiated the tennis tournament for children and teenagers. Her vision was to provide young people with the opportunity to rediscover and embrace their passion for sports after the challenges posed by the pandemic.

In light of the tremendous success of the 2022 tournament, we've decided to return as the main sponsor this year. In July, nearly 70 children participated in the now almost traditional Scandio Junior Open in Stuttgart.

Attendees at Scandio Junior Open 2023 in Stuttgart.

Although the weather didn't fully cooperate this year, numerous happy winners were celebrated after three intense and rain-soaked days of tennis. The event featured trophies, numerous prizes, and plenty of ice cream for the young participants on all match days.

Sustainability in Focus

Our commitment extends beyond social projects and also encompasses sustainability. This year, we've chosen to omit the year from our large banner, enabling its reuse in the years to come.

Scandio Junior Open 2023 banner and prizes.
Would you like to learn more about our 1% Pledge initiatives and Scandio's values? Feel free to explore our website and discover how we actively collaborate with the community and fulfill our social responsibility.