Already using Jira and/or Confluence, but fell like the collaboration could be better? This may be due to the choice of  your add-ons. With so many different apps in the Atlassian Marketplace, it’s easy to lose track. Especially if you’re thinking about moving to the cloud. Our consultants help you migrate to the cloud and advise you on choosing the right apps for your tools! We will show you some handy options to optimize the use of Jira or Confluence with the help of the cloud apps by our partner Refined. If you’re already a user of Refined Server apps or Data Center apps and thinking about migrating to the cloud, then we have some good news: With the new cloud versions, you can easily take the apps with you!

The Atlassian Cloud at a Glance

  • reliable
  • scalable
  • up to date
  • cost-efficient
  • focused
  • secure
  • intuitive
Want to know more about the topic? You can find detailed information about the Atlassian Cloud here!

Get the most out of your Atlassian Tools

Refined for Confluence Cloud

Refined for Confluence Cloud is designed specifically for the needs of the cloud and provides tools to help you transform Confluence into engaging, easy-to-navigate sites that help users find the information they need fast.

With Refined for Confluence Cloud, you can creatively and individually customize the Confluence interface according to your wishes. A Layout Editor allows you to build custom pages complete with navigation and search modules, popular links, branded imagery and iconography, while a Theme Editor lets you apply a custom look and feel to sites to match your brand. A drag-and-drop Site Builder allows you to bucket Confluence spaces into pages that appear in a navigation bar at the top of your site, making for easy and intuitive structure/navigation.

Create an infinite number of custom sites from a single instance. Common use cases include documentation sites, intranets and knowledge bases. Sites are flexible, so you can rearrange the sections and pages at any time. And all of this is possible without having to write a single line of code!

Upon your request, Scandio will assist with integration, license management with our partners, and site customization.

Refined Toolkit for Confluence Cloud

If you just want to add an individual touch to the layout of Confluence Cloud, this might be the right app for you. Unlike Refined for Confluence Cloud, it allows customization including theming and layout only at the level of spaces. A suite of macros, such as UI Expand, help you organize and display information intuitively on-page. This app does not provide the ability to reorganize Confluence sites into a top navigation menu.

Psst! Our partner Tempo created their Helpdesk with the help of Refined Toolkit, have a look!

Refined for Jira Cloud

Refined for Jira Cloud allows you to customize service desk portals and Jira projects and display selected Jira data on custom sites, whether internal or external. Refined sites are most commonly used as ITSM solutions, but they also perform well as public issue trackers and project management sites. Create custom sites by adding your logo, a specific navigation menu, a search bar and much more.

Use an existing design or create your own layout and sort your content and sites easily using a drag-and-drop Site Builder. If you also use Refined for Confluence Cloud, your Confluence content can be easily integrated into Jira sites. This makes your information even easier to find!

Agiles Training
Take a look at Refined for Jira Cloud at work at Condeco.

Getting started with Refined

Do you want to convince yourself of the advantages of Refined with a free trial version? Scandio will be happy to help you set it up for Confluence or Jira!

Click here for more information about Refined's Cloud Apps!

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