At our annual ShipIt Days, exciting and useful projects are launched each time, some of which have been waiting for a long time to be implemented and which can finally be tinkered with during the 24-hour hackathon. One of these projects (team: Anja, Jonas, Tobias, Luca, Tobias), and also this years winner of innovation, is “Virtual Office”.  What has been developed as the basic framework during the ShipIt Days, is now ready to use in the daily Scandio-Life!

The Idea

You are looking for a colleague and just don’t know which meeting he/she is in right now? At Scandio, this is not a problem anymore, because with “Virtual Office” you can search specifically for participants and rooms.

Inspired by a similiar tool from TNG, the team set about their plans: a company-internal overview, to always be informed of the whereabouts of your colleagues and to be able to reach them quickly - regardless of the preferred conference tool.

With “Virtual Office”, rooms can be created (and also deleted again) consisting of the roomname and meeting link, to join the corresponding meeting. This works with all kinds of services like Google Meet, Zoom and Teams. Real-time updates via WebSockets allow colleagues to see immediately who is attending which meeting. After the first registration, the login takes place automatically.

Virtual Office

At the moment, the tool is being tested extensively by our colleagues, and there is no question that there’s still a lot to improve. The team is constantly working on further development and collecting ideas to make our meetings as easy as possible in the future. For example, once the Google Meets API is extended, you could access the participants of a meets to add or remove them automatically in Virtual Office.

We are curious to see what other interesting projects will be created at Scandio in the future!

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