Just ShipIt! Finally it’s that time again and our ShipIt Days are coming up. Now I’m sure many are wondering what “ShipIt” actually is. A short explanation:

Atlassian started this kind of innovation days years ago and we were so excited about it that this year, for the 9th time, we can tinker, create and most importantly… let our creativity run wild together at Scandio. In this blogpost, you’ll find out what “ShipIt” is all about and also get a few insights from the last few years!

ShipIt Crew 2021

General procedure of our ShipIt Days

First of all: After it had been a bit more difficult with the realization the last two years, we are currently very happy that the situation is more or less back to normal and that again many people can work together on site at their locations.

To begin with, there is a creative identification phase every year, during which our employees gather a lot of suggestions and ideas and then organize themselves into different teams. During this phase, all channels of communication and interaction are used to the fullest extend. Before things finally get started, there is a brief kick-off to remind all participants of the essentials. Then the ShipIt Days themselves finally begin. Since we are now working at more than five different locations, it is perhaps not surprising that this year more than 20 different project teams are ready and want to earn the endless glory of being the winner - because at the end of the day, everyone will choose the best project for them.

The three basic principles
1. From the starting signal, each team has exactly 24 hours!
2. There are no limits to creativity!
3. Judging takes place in the categories "Competence", "Innovation", "Benefit for Scandio" und "Presentation"!

1-10 points are awarded in each category.

And now we don’t want to deprive you of last year’s winners and a few highlights!

Overall Winner 2021 - McLea (Make Christophs Life Easy Again)

Team consists of: Christoph, Kiwi, Levina, Michi, Mike

Deserved winners 2021
  • Since Christoph, one of the two founders of Scandio, invests a lot of time and nerves in providing new and old notebooks with the desired operating system, the team built a server that allows the installation of operating systems via the internal network.
  • So if you want to install Windows or any Linux distribution, all you have to do now is turn on the computer and select the operating system, and you can start the installation immediately. But give it a look yourself…

Overall Winner 2020 - SC_OFFERS aka “Angebotserstellungsdingsi”

Team consists of: Isi, Evi, Christian

  • Every employee in Scandio should be able to write a quote for a customer in a short time and without much effort using SC_OFFERS.
  • Since the team couldn’t come up with a cool name, it was simply called the “quote creation thingy”. Of course, this caused a few outtakes during the recording of the video presentation. But see for yourself…

However, as quickly becomes clear in addition to the technical projects, our Scandians can also impress on the creative level. Therefore, here are a few more highlights of the last years:

Scandio goes Girls’Day

Team consists of: Cynthia, Liza, Katha, Nina, Tobi, Toni, Chris

The Girls'Day-Team (without Katha)

The basic idea behind this project is clear. In the IT industry, and here at Scandio, we are always talking about gender equality in the work place. Even though we think we are on the right track, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

But what to do? The team set itself the task of developing an exciting “hacker game” and then implementing it as part of Girls’Day 22 - a nationwide project for career and study orientation for girls. As planned, so done! We recently welcomed 9 girls to Munich to give them a little insight into the world of IT.

In short… It was a complete success and yet there were also some things that can definitely be done even better. This has now resulted in a new ShipIt team for this year and we are excited to see what insights and results will follow.

What else?

One thing is clear: ShipIt Days are primarily meant to be fun! But we must not forget that, for example, the exchange between employees who do not normally work in the same team or even the same location can also help a lot to create a pleasant working atmosphere. We are happy in any case!

This year’s prize, in addition to endless fame and recognition, is once again our popular “Wanderstiefel” (sort of a huge hiking boot, but you don’t want to go hiking in one of those…), which will be filled with a specific cold drink. The only thing that remains to be seen is where our “trophy” will go this year….

If you’d like to know how things have been going for us over the last two years, you can read about it here or here again.
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