It happened again this year: our 8th Scandio ShipIt Days were coming up! Unfortunately a little later in the year than usual due to the uncertain Corona situation, but that just built up anticipation ;) As always, ShipIt means 24 hours of intense brainwork - with no limits to creativity! Ranging from live music to 3D animations, everything was in the mix.

A total of 16 projects were launched this year, whose teams had previously come together through a pool of ideas in our Confluence and in various Slack channels. Compared to last year, this time many teams gathered again in the offices at all 3 locations in compliance with the 3G rule to work together on their projects locally. This immediately sparked a mood of excitement and team spirit that had been somewhat lacking in the office hallways over the past few months.

Team "Scandio 3D Art" designed some Scandio wallpaper.

After a joint kick-off meeting at 2:00 pm, there was only one rule: 24 hours of time and get to grips with the project! The teams immediately spread out into all corners and rooms of the offices and got busy.

In the Munich office, sounds of live music were occasionally drifting up from the 3rd floor and lockers were eagerly pushed through the corridors on office chairs. What was in progress here could only be guessed at… In the meantime, beers were brewed skillfully in Berlin and a herd of Scandians explored the construction market in Augsburg. There were also all kinds of ambitious development projects that aimed to make our day-to-day worklife in Scandio a little bit more comfortable. Rumor has it that lights were still on in the Munich office at 2 a.m….

The next day at 4 p.m., the presentations were due, on the basis of which the projects were then evaluated in the categories of innovation, competence and benefit. The presentation itself was also part of the overall evaluation. So let’s announce the winners!

Winner in the category: Innovation

McLea (Make Christophs Life Easy Again) Team consisting of: Christoph, Kiwi, Levina, Michi, Mike

  • Since Christoph invests a lot of time and nerves in providing new and old notebooks with the desired operating system, the team built a server that enables the installation of operating systems via our internal network.
  • So in case you want to install Windows or any Linux distribution, all you have to do now is turn on the computer and select the operating system - and you can immediately start the installation.
  • This way, you no longer need your own installation device.

Winner in the category: Expertise

McLea ;)

Winner in the category: Benefit

AUX Office Upgrade Team consisting of: Manuel, Jonas, Samuel, Michi, Natascha, Matthias, Clemens, Evi, Fabian, Benjamin, Lukas, Toghrul

  • In order to brighten up our office in Augsburg, the largest team of this years ShipIt Days has come together there.
  • New plants and pictures should reduce the reverberation in the office and create a nice working atmosphere.
  • In addition, the old-fashioned restroom tiles were repainted and some extra personal storage space was created.
  • The Augsburg office now appears in a new and fresh glow

Winner in the category: Presentation

McLea… Again

It’s best to let the video speak for itself (german only):

Overall winners


That's what winners look like!

As could be expected after the success in the categories innovation, competence and presentation, McLea was also chosen as the overall winner of ShipIt Days 2021 and received the much desired traveling boot. Unfortunately without content again due to Corona, but still the joy was great!

Even though there can only be one overall winner, it’s always amazing to see how much creativity and ambition is put into each project and how many of the projects end up contributing to our daily lives at Scandio even after ShipIt. ShipIt Days 2021 showed us once again that we are quite skilled at working together in a hybrid environment, but that we definitely don’t want to miss the personal get-together in our offices!

Finally a real ShipIt team picture!

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