No one would dispute that companies (should) promote collegiality and that a good team spirit is important for success. Implementing this in everyday work life is a bit more difficult, however. We share three examples of how our Scandians actively shape team spirit and cooperation. Follow us to Munich, Andechs and Regensburg.

We live in a complex working world, methods change as fast as working places and times. This also affects us at Scandio. Colleagues work remotely, hybrid and on-site, full-time and part-time. With five locations and around 200 employees, who often work on customer projects across locations - this is a complexity that should not be underestimated.

How do you manage to maintain an impactful sense of unity, not lose the fun at work, and take into account modern work-life integration?

Our recipe for success: creating spaces for togetherness and promoting exchange across locations. In short: Just do something together. 🙂

We will show you three examples of how our Scandians spend their work and leisure time together.

All Hands Meeting at Scandio: Team Connect 2022

Our by far biggest team event took place not long ago: On October 21, all Scandio employees met at the Design Offices in Munich. The main goal: to connect with colleagues from all locations, to further develop what Scandio is all about in workshops, and to jointly experience our Scandio culture.

As a company we are constantly growing and changing, and with new colleagues from K15t and recently anarcon we have also integrated whole teams at once. And so our event was the perfect opportunity to get in touch with (new) Scandians you didn't meet before. Also, it was a great feeling to shape what collaboration at Scandio means with almost 200 like-minded people.

In addition to an inspiring keynote, we also had a large number of workshops prepared and conducted by colleagues. The topics were as diverse as they were exciting: from pair programming techniques and coding challenges to working groups on self-organization, growth or communication structures, to a laughter yoga session - we had topics for everyone. In total, 15 workshops were offered to choose from, up to four could be attended during Scandio Team Connect.

And of course, those who work also get to celebrate and so we had live music and party feeling until the early morning hours.

Worth a trip: Our Regensburg office

Another highlight in October was an invitation from the Regensburg office team to visit them. The team moved into the office space in February this year and so far not too many Scandians met them in their new location. This had to change.

So in mid-October, 18 colleagues set out to go and see the Regensburg office. Additional rooms by our shared office service provider offered the necessary space for working, and a joint barbecue during lunch break was the first (culinary) highlight. But it didn't end there: The afternoon continued with a guided tour trough the historic old town of Regensburg, followed by a joint dinner. Afterwards, some employees drove back home, while others took advantage of the hotel accommodation offered. Also thanks to that, the final bar tour in Regensburg was certainly a very enjoyable experience. 😉

The trip was initiated by our Scandians Verena and Katharina from Regensburg. They had the idea to invite the colleagues of the other locations, organized the program and handled internal coordination.

Brilliant minds welcome

Our basic principle is based on self-organization, trust and an agile mindset. That's why we mostly avoid hierarchies and replace positions with roles, processes and personal responsibility.

This means that also with regard to team activities, no one has to wait for something to be initiated "from above". Rather, everyone is allowed and encouraged to contribute their own ideas and initiatives and to take part in idea implementation. The results are as diverse as our Scandians and range from field days to board game evenings and pub crawls.

You find it exciting how we shape our cooperation and are interested in becoming a part of our team? Then take a look at our current Scandio job postings.

On the road for 10 years: We hike to Andechs Monastery

A real classic among our team formats is the joint hike from Lake Starnberg to Andechs Monastery. For more than ten years, the Bavarian colleagues have hiked the nearly 15 kilometers together on a Saturday in May. Whether it is sunny or rainy, the hike always starts in a good mood from Starnberg train station and goes through the Maisinger Schlucht, one of the oldest nature reserves in Bavaria.

At the Maisinger lake a small breakfast awaits our hikers, in order to master the remaining way to Andechs well. The special thing about the tour is that it leads through very beautiful countryside - and at the same time follows a path that runs so flat that one can still have a good chat with the colleagues while walking. A visit to the beer garden at the end is the crowning finale for the group.

The hike has been organized for years by our Munich colleague Alex, who always brings a great day to life with a lot of verve and humor. Conclusion: A very nice tour that we highly recommend.

Motivation and satisfaction

Meeting all Scandians at Team Connect, visiting another location for work and leisure, or going on an excursion together during the weekend: the examples presented are meant to show the many facets of what togetherness at Scandio can look like.

Of course, we can also do things on a smaller scale: We like to end the day with a games evening or a visit to the beer garden and regularly organize team evenings.

No matter what form it takes, having a lively team spirit is important to us; it is a central element of how we see ourselves as a company. So working in hybrid structures and meeting in the office are key elements. At the same time, we live work-life integration to enable everyone to work together more effectively and in a more relaxed manner, with flexible working hours and diverse working time models.

Work-Life Integration at Scandio
This way for more concrete examples of how we design work-life integration at Scandio.

PS: Of course, we are not only active in the south of Germany. Our colleagues in Berlin, for example, took a nice canoe trip along Spree river during summer. See for yourself: